Creative Printable Advent Calendars to Make for Christmas with the Kids

Printable Advent Christmas Calendars to Make with the Kids

Advent is finally here! In the four weeks leading to Christmas, take this time to create a meaningful experience for your family by creating an Advent calendar. We’re providing you with creative and unique printable Advent calendars, while adding a festive and decorative touch to your home this Christmas season. Get the kids involved and make this a tradition for years to come!

7 Creative Advent Calendars to Print and Make at Home

From Advent calendars that can be filled with chocolates and trinkets to trinkets, you pick your favorite design or come up with something completely original. Remember, you don’t have to use an edible filling. Consider adding non-edible choices like sayings, tasks, and faith-based messages!

7 Creative Advent Calendars to Print and Make at Home

  1. Little House on the Corner – provides you with this modern design of an advent calendar with these cool geometric boxes
  2. Easy Peasy and Fun – give you cute, pastel geometric boxes with a trendy chevron pattern
  3. Club Chica Circle – uses a nifty mini muffin baking pan as an Advent calendar complete with a free printable that is oh-so cute!
  4. Somewhat Simple – shows you how to take a box of chocolate and turn it into a decadent chocolate Christmas Advent calendar
  5. Warm Hot Chocolate – takes simple Kraft paper crafted into envelopes decorated with geometrics and some color blocking using silver and white elements
  6. Pickle Bums – creates Advent activity cards that you can tuck into chic pyramid treat boxes!
  7. Pure Sweet Joy – uses chic black and white designed printables that are free to download; don’t you just love the crisp look of silver and gold cords!

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