"Deck the Wheels" with Christmas Car Decorations: Fun & Easy!

Christmas Car Decorating Ideas to DIY or Buy

You may not go "dashing through the snow" this coming Christmas season. But you can certainly spread holiday cheer while on the road! Deck out your car in festive Christmas decorations featuring your fave yuletide characters. Santa perhaps? Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, or an Elf? Or maybe a Christmas tree, a light bulb garland, or a giant gift bow?

You can opt to DIY your car decor or simply choose from ready-made ones, as you’ll see below. The point is to spark that Christmas spirit even by simply driving by! Who knows? You may just get some smiles, waves, and "ho-ho-ho" honks back! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Christmas Car Decorating Ideas to DIY or Buy

So much creativity and humor out there when it comes to dressing up your car for the holidays. Just a few tips when choosing::

  • For decals – Be sure they are weather-resistant, but removable without harming your car finish.
  • For clamp-on or tie-on decorations – Choose those which won’t distract or block your view of the road or hamper your driving.

Christmas Decorations for Your Car

If sewing is your thing, why not create a "car costume" of an oversized Santa hat and beard (1), as we found  via Pinterest? No tutorial found, sorry. But you can figure out how to assemble and attach these, right?

Now, for the easy options! You can simply buy ready-made car decorations—like these fun ones we found, all available on Amazon.

Imagine having Frosty waving to anyone following you, with this cute Car Rear Window Wiper Christmas Sticker Decal (2)! It also comes in Santa Claus, reindeer, and elf designs, and is removable and reusable.

How about mimicking Rudolph with these Car Reindeer Antlers & Nose Decorations (3) attached above your car windows and on to the front grill?

Or switch it up a bit with mini Christmas Green Trees and a Red Star (4) attached to the window frames and car grill, too!

Wrap around a garland of holiday lights with these Christmas Car Decorations – Reflective Light Bulb Magnets (5).

Or dress up your entire vehicle as a Christmas present, trimmed with a Giant Car Bow (6)!

And of course, a bit of humor is always welcome! Attach a pair of Elf Hanging Legs Sticking Out of the Trunk (7). Just don’t forget to let the poor guy out when Christmas is done!

Okay, so which Christmas car decorating idea has you all revved up for the coming holidays?

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