Easy Table Centerpieces for an Intimate Fall Dinner Party

Easy Table Centerpieces for an Intimate Fall Dinner Party

Planning ahead for some at-home autumn entertaining? (By the way, we have a complete guide for that!) Then, you’re probably thinking of a cozy wine-and-cheese gathering, an al fresco fall party, even a fun donuts and hot apple cider huddle. But if you’ll be hosting an intimate fall dinner party or two, make your tablescapes extra special with autumn-inspired centerpieces you’ve made yourself.

The elements will be all around you, thanks to the glorious season of fall. Combine these with simple containers and natural materials you have right on hand. Then, using our ideas below, assemble table accent pieces that are surely eye-catching—but surprisingly easy to create!

Autumn Treats Centerpiece

Orange and red wrapped favors centerpieces for fall.

A table focal point and favor display in one!

Elements: a simple glass plate, platter or tray; loose raffia strands; your choice of autumn treats (assorted nuts, maple flavor candies, potpourri); fabric favor wraps in fall colors; DIY thank-you tags

Easy how-to:

  1. Bundle up the treats in individual fabric wraps. Tie a thank-you tag on each one.
  2. Arrange the raffia into a "nest" on the plate/tray.
  3. Pile the treat bundles on top and display the plate/tray on your dinner table.
  4. Have each guest take a favor bundle at the party’s end.

Rustic Candlescape Centerpiece

Rustic straw and raffia candle centerpieces for fall table decor.

Candle glow creates the perfect autumn party ambiance!

Elements: a wooden tray or woven basket; loose raffia strands; 3 pillar candles

Easy how-to:

  1. Position the candles on the tray or basket.
  2. Arrange the raffia strands around their base.
  3. Place the tray/basket at table center, and light the candles just before dinner is served.

Glass Vase Grouping

Fall foliage and other organic elements for autumn glass centerpieces.

A super-simple way to go stylish on your fall tablescape.

Elements: assorted clear glass vases, cylinder jars, pitchers, mason jars; assorted cuttings of fall flowers and foliage; 2 to 3 white candles; mini gourds, loose autumn leaves, twigs

Easy how-to:

  1. Choose which decor element (flowers, foliage, candles) to put into which glass container.
  2. Arrange them into a creative grouping at table center.
  3. Add the other fall touches (mini gourds, leaves, twigs) around the grouping.
  4. Light the candles just before serving dinner.

Wine Bottle Grouping

wine bottle grouping autumn table centerpieces

Empty wine bottles add an elegant air to a fall centerpiece.

Elements: assorted clear glass vases; 2 to 3 empty wine bottles (preferably green or amber-colored); assorted cuttings of fall flowers and foliage; 2 to 3 white candles; mini gourds, loose autumn leaves, twigs

Easy how-to:

  1. Assemble the glass vase grouping as above.
  2. Add the wine bottles amidst the vases, holding bare twigs, sticks, flowers or foliage.
  3. If you wish, put battery-operated fairy lights in a bottle or two for a surprise touch.

DIY Jam Jar Candlescape

Upcycled mini jars for candle decorations

Empty jam jars get a rustic upcycle as fall-themed candle holders.

Elements: wide-mouthed glass jars or bottles; loose raffia strands; wood chips or discs; autumn leaves; star anise spice (or seed pods, berries, dried flowers); white tea lights or votive candles; woven place mat or tray

Easy how-to (see original tutorial here):

  1. Wind raffia strands around the top rim of each jar/bottle to create a band.
  2. With a glue gun, attach a leaf, wood chip or disc, and a star anise (or other natural accent) onto each raffia band.
  3. Position 3 bottles on the woven place mat/tray, and arrange loose raffia to form a wreath around them.
  4. Place a tea light or votive candle in each bottle, and light these just as guests come to the table.

How can you not be ready for fall entertaining with easy, yet so appealing, table centerpieces like these?

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