Easy Valentine’s Day Cakes to Bake with Love!

The Day of Hearts is sweet enough as it is. But there’s nothing like homemade confections baked with lots of love to add even more sweetness to the occasion. So we put together a luscious selection of Valentine’s Day cake recipes that are actually easy to bake and decorate—with tips from home bakers and help from everyone’s favorite baking product lines.

Whether you’ll be giving these cakes as Valentine’s Day gifts to those dearest to you or serving them at a Valentine’s Day party, there’s sure to be a recipe or two here that will tug at your heart strings. The perfect sweet way to say “I love you”!

Valentine’s Day Cakes that Are So Pretty, Yet Easy

Easy Valentine's cakes made from boxed cake mixes and other simple ingredients

1 – Triple-layer Pink and White Valentine’s Day Cakerecipe from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

What makes it easy: A boxed cake mix and a simple homemade vanilla frosting.
What makes it pretty: A mix of plain and pink-tinted batter creates a marbled effect for each slice.

2 – Valentine’s Day cakerecipe from Nestlé Family

What makes it easy: The fluffy cream frosting uses sweetened condensed milk.
What makes it pretty: A generous topping of fresh strawberries in heart-shaped slices.

3 – For the Love of Stripes Valentine’s Day Cake – decorating tips from Wilton

What makes it easy: Just use your favorite boxed cake mix or from-scratch batter recipe.
What makes it pretty: The striking striped frosting pattern, plus the pink buttercream hearts and candy heart sprinkles.

4 – Naked Chocolate Cake for Valentine’s Dayrecipe from Bakeaholic

What makes it easy: No worries about picture-perfect frosting skills!
What makes it pretty: Exposed cake layers with coconut cream filling and sliced strawberries, and topped with chocolate-dipped whole strawberries.

5 – Valentine’s Day Layer Cakerecipe from Duncan Hines

What makes this easy: Again, boxed cake mix and frosting mix. And again, bare layers.
What makes it pretty: Sweet pink icing and the cutest heart picks as toppers.

6 – Strawberry Poke Cakerecipe from Betty Crocker

What makes it easy: More boxed mixes for both cake and frosting.
What makes it pretty: The marbled effect made by “poking” the baked cake layers and pouring on strawberry-flavored gelatin!

7 – Raspberry Cheesecake Cakerecipe from Recipe Girl, featured on Driscoll’s

What makes it easy: Layering of white cake and frozen cheesecake (Note: This recipe is “from scratch” but we can see how you can use ready-made cake and cheesecake.)
What makes it pretty: Trimming of luscious red fresh raspberries.

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