Family Tree Wall Using Decals and Stencils: DIY Ideas + Inspiring Examples

How to create a family tree wall with decals and stencils.

We all have a fascination with family trees. So imagine if you could have one right within view at home—your very own Family Tree Wall! It’s got to be one of the most heartwarming ways to decorate a blank wall in your family room or to line a stairway or hallway.

Worried this might be a project too complicated to DIY? Not if you “cheat” a bit and take advantage of the amazing family tree wall decals and stencils available to help you do a pro job. Just add your favorite family pics in frames, and you’ll have a piece of personalized home decor to truly treasure! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Decals and Stencil Kits to DIY Your Family Tree Wall

Survey this sampling of nearly foolproof ways to create a family tree wall yourselves. The secret is to use ready-made sets of decals or stencils like these! (Note: Just be sure to check the full size indicated on the packaging, so you know what will fit your available wall space.)

Orange and green leaves on family tree with frames.

This Family Tree Wall Decal (via Amazon) includes 9 photo frames and has a graceful look with swirly branches, colored leaves, and even birds in flight! The “peel and stick” technique is great for making adjustments as you attach the pieces on your wall.


This Wall Decal (via Amazon) is made of high-quality vinyl in a rich chestnut brown that has the look of paint once applied to the wall. It comes in Standard (107 x 90-inch) and Small (95 x 80-inch) sizes. Just add your framed photos.

Family tree by staircase

Add interest to trips up and down the stairs with this Staircase Family Tree Wall Decal also by Simple Shapes (via Amazon). Made of black vinyl, it comes in the Small size shown (92 x 88-inch) and in Standard size (109.5 x 105-inch) so you can suit your space.


For a sense of movement, consider this 3D DIY Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal (via Amazon). With the tree trunk to one side, the leaves and branches appear to be blowing in the wind. And with well-placed lighting, the decals and the photo frames create a cool 3D effect!

Family tree collage example living room

The special features of this Family Tree Picture Frame Collage (via Amazon) are its 3D DIY acrylic stickers that are 2mm thick and have a reflective surface. So its 10 photo frames and simple leaf clusters have a raised, mirror-like look.


Here’s a unique choice! This Large Family Tree Wall Decals kit (via Amazon) features 3D DIY photo frames, letterings, and other pieces in high-gloss acrylic with adhesive backing—strong enough to attach to even rough, uneven wall surfaces. Plus, there’s that cheery pop of color from bright green leaves.

Tree of life family tree

Have a narrow spot you’d like to fill? Try this Tree of Life Wall Decal set by Philip Whitney (via Amazon), just 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Its 65 pcs. of decals are removable and reusable without damage to your wall surface or leaving any sticky residue.

Family tree using stencils

Instead of decals, another option is to use painting stencils. Here’s a Family Tree Wall Stencils Pack from Stencils Lab, that will allow you to paint in the tree trunk and branches, plus additional stencils for a whimsical birdcage, birds, and mini photo frames.


Now, if you’re a handy crafting couple, you might want to try a true DIY family tree mural, like this one from Hide the Cookie Jar. Amanda provides a thorough tutorial for actually painting the tree shape on your wall with acrylic paint—guided by a jpg image projected from a laptop! Then again, just add photos in assorted small frames.

Okay! Time to choose that empty wall space that’s just waiting to display your precious family snapshots. Enjoy your Family Tree Wall!

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