Festive Christmas Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Paper!

Festive Christmas Wine Bottle Wrap Ideas Using Paper!

Okay, so gifts in bottles aren’t exactly the easiest to wrap for the holidays. We get that. (Which is also why we just had a post on Christmas wine bottle labels.) But before you rush to order ready-made gift bags online, wait till you see these creative and yet so simple Christmas wine bottle wrapping ideas. And they all use the most basic Christmas gift packaging: paper!

From minimalist kraft paper roll-ups to more fancy finishes trimmed with bows, berries, or bells—there’s sure to be a wine bottle gift wrap here that’s just your style. Then, prep your stash of paper, ribbon, twine, holiday baubles, and gift tags. So, come December, you’ll be all ready to wrap! (*this post contains an affiliate link)

How to Wrap Christmas Wine Bottle Gifts with Paper

Grab clever tips and hints from these bottle wrap examples. Then, get creative with your own holiday wine bottle packaging!

How to Wrap Christmas Wine Bottle Gifts with Paper

Tip #1: Take the band approach. Find the bottle’s curves a challenge? Simply cut gift paper to form a band around the straight sides (photos 1 & 6). And if you choose reversible wrapping paper, you can get varied looks for your different wine gifts, too.

Tip #2: Go for the handcrafted look. Use kraft, butcher or pattern paper to loosely wrap around your wine bottles (photo 2). Tape the bottom end closed, fold over the top end, and secure with twine. Edgy and easy!

Tip #3: Bag it! A similar idea uses a brown paper bag taped around the bottle (photo 3), with the open end gathered around the bottle’s neck, tied with twine, and decorated with a collar of berries and a burlap gift tag.

Tip #4: Fan-cy that! Any Chrstmas gift wrapping paper will do for this idea—though this buffalo plaid print is great (photo 4, middle bottle). After the usual cylinder roll-up, leave excess paper beyond the bottle top to fold into a festive fan held in place with ribbon.

Tip #5: The luxe look. Look for gift wrapping paper that says "high-end holiday" (photo 5) all by itself. Think metallic or glitter finish, an embossed or quilted pattern. Just add some Christmas trim and your wine gifts are dressed to impress!

Tip #6: Chalkboard charm. Mimic the popular look of white chalk on a black board (photo 6, bottle at far right) for your wine wraps. Measure and cut black art paper to roll around your wine bottles. Then before you wrap, use a white marker to write your Christmas greeting or draw a festive design. Tape your wrap in place and trim with a bow of twine or ribbon.

Gold glitter gift wrapped wine bottles

Tip#7: Instant glam! Take glittery gold wrapping paper (card stock quality, if possible) and cut them up into conical-shaped boxes.

Amazon finds for wrapping paper to get your holiday packaging started!

  1. Glitter gold wrapping paper
  2. Plaid wrapping paper
  3. Metallic, jewel, and holographic wrapping paper

Now, you can really "wow" with your wine gifts this holiday season!


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