First Home Office: How to Create a His and Hers Workspace

For many of today’s newlyweds, the workplace often extends into your home. Or for work-from-home creatives — like writers, artists, designers, programmers — the workplace IS your home! So a major project for you as first-time homeowners will likely be creating a workspace that you can share . To help you, we scoured the web for home office inspiration and fell in love with the eclectic rustic-industrial style we’re sharing here. Plus we discovered some amazing furniture and accent pieces for recreating that look in your own workspace-for-two!

Tips for Meeting “Tandem Workspace” Challenges

  1. Agree on a decorating style that expresses both your personalities, interests and working style.
  2. Provide double the usual working space and storage to avoid crowding one another.
  3. Invest in practical pieces with organization, efficiency and ease in mind.
  4. Make use of wall space to store, display and arrange things off your desktop but within easy reach.
  5. Incorporate unique, fun and personal items that will make working in this space a joy!
  6. Be flexible about coordinating the elements of your workspace.

Workspace Inspiration in Eclectic Rustic-Industrial Style

We’re thrilled to present these 7 fabulous home workspaces that are sure to get your styling ideas going. They all evoke a modern eclectic look, incorporating both rustic and industrial elements. The first 4 all make amazing use of white backgrounds, while the last 3 build against different wall finishes and colors.

Home office with modern style via Room Clip

What could work for you:
Create an uncluttered environment with crisp white surfaces, wide windows and a light wood desktop and floors. In place of a traditional desk, support plain wood slabs on simple white storage drawers. Opt for below-desk shelving to keep your work surface clear. Add fur throws or quilts to soften your desk chairs, and an area rug as a cozy touch. Source: Room Clip

Tight workspace style via blog of Project Palermo.

What could work for you:
In a tight space, a white wall is always great. Plus, symmetrically placed pairs of chairs, monitors and lamps create a sense of balance and order. Again, in place of a usual desk, consider a plank of wood resting on industrial metal legs and a set of filing drawers. Finally, personalize the space with a gallery wall of prints and photographs in varied frames; and use a patterned rug to pull it all together. Source: Project Palermo

Dual workspace for a small home office via Ikea.

What could work for you:
White again! Furniture, walls, lighting fixtures, shelving, framed prints, even storage and file boxes can all be unified by pristine white.Then, choose one distinct color—here, it’s green—to provide contrast. Random touches you can mimic: whimsical prints, a single flower, storage baskets and face-to-face work stations across the table! Source: Ikea

A home office that has varied chairs with a farmhouse style via The Lettered Cottage

What could work for you:
Go for a minimalist, modern look in classic black and white—with a sleek black wood desktop resting on white sectional drawers. Then, infuse a warmer rustic feel with rough wooden shelving, potted desk plants, wooden desktop accessories and country-style signage. Finally, add the surprise of mismatched chairs—meeting your respective needs, comfort level, maybe even body type! Source: The Lettered Cottage

Minimalist style with brick wall background via Life on Virginia Street.

What could work for you:
Take advantage of a striking wall finish like brick or stone. Then, you need only minimalist elements like white file and storage boxes, black and white framed prints, black industrial-style lamps, and a cool pair of clear acrylic chairs. Random touches you can mimic: Floating shelves with cove lighting (cool and practical!), modern and personal decor pieces. Source: Life on Virginia Street


Modern and sleek work space via West Elm.

What could work for you:
Take advantage of office collections available at home decor outlets, like West Elm. They offer amazing modular options that offer versatility in designs, materials, finishes and colors to suit any workspace. Sections can be paired up to customize a his-and-hers office just as needed. Against a painted wall (love that blue-grey shade!), the simplest of floating shelves can be jazzed up with a display of mixed art pieces, prints and mementos. Add textures to soften your workspace with neutral colored rugs. Source: West Elm


A home office with modern eclectic elements via Houzz.

What could work for you:
If a cozier, more lived-in look is your style, choose a basic white office collection with matching modern chairs. Then, even the inevitable work “clutter” can be set off attractively against a chocolate brown wall—especially if everything has its spot (cork board, message board, calendar, office supplies caddy, and the like). In this arrangement, both desks aren’t lined up in tandem as one desk has a angled opening. Lastly, a potted plant (whether real or artificial) always provides a burst of freshness. The same goes for a floral arrangement in complementary colors. Source: Houzz

*As a courtesy to the sources mentioned above, we ask that you pin the original image from the respective blogs.

Creating Your Own His-and-Hers Workspace

Ready to start gathering elements for a stylish shared home office that you’ll love getting work done in? The pieces below blend vintage with industrial in a mix of eclectic elements. Here are some starter pieces we’ve picked for you! Contains *affiliate links.

Elements for Setting Up Your First Home Office

1 – Metro Java Desk – from the Metro Collection of Pier1

2 – St. Germain Wall-mount Swing Lamp by OneForty Three, via Domino

3 – Olmstead Desk Chair (in black for him) – by Langley Street via Wayfair

4 – Troy Desk Chair (in white for her) – by Wade Logan via Wayfar

5 – Jayden Metal Shelf Unit – via World Market

6 – Copper Caden Office Caddy – via World Market

7 – TPS Carbon 3-drawer Filing Cabinet – via Domino

8 – Cabo Metal Trash Can – via Wayfair

9 – 4’X6′ Jaipur Stripe Printed Bamboo Area Rug – via World Market

10 – World of Colors – by Sandra Jacobs via World Market

11 – Kate and Laurel Hanging Metal Wall Organizer – Ships from and sold by Plum Struck , via Amazon

12 – Large Red Charlie Clock – via World Market

13 – Dahlia & Snowball in Square Vase via Pier 1 Imports

14- Metal Perpetual Calendar – via World Market

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