For Busy Moms: Scribble that Stress Away through Journaling!

How to Use Journaling to Relieve Stress

We just celebrated Mother’s Day, so we’ve still got you Moms on our mind. With all that you juggle on the homefront, do you ever have a moment to yourself? A breather to step back and de-stress? To look around you or inside you? To notice things, appreciate feelings, and process ideas? Hhhmm, we thought not.

So, here’s a guilt-free way for you to indulge in Mom-ME time, for even just a few minutes a day. How? Through journaling! It’s private. It’s easy. And a definitely fun way to scribble that stress away. So of course, we have tips, writing prompts and some journal picks we love to help you get started! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Tips to Make Journaling a Joy

New to journaling? Haven’t done it since high school? Or not sure if it’s for you? Here are our suggestions to help you give it a try—and keep going from there!

  1. Buy a pretty journal that will make you look forward to each fresh, new page.
  2. Choose one that’s designed around a theme, hobby or interest that’s close to your heart.
  3. Look for a lined journal if you prefer to write only (or mostly) text.
  4. Opt for one with blank pages if you express yourself best with visuals, too.&
  5. Buy colorful pens to create your own page borders, doodles and graphics if you wish.
  6. Keep your journal right in sight to catch that daily moment of inspiration.
  7. Set a regular "journaling time" each day (upon waking, during the kids’ naptime, at bedtime) to help develop the habit.
  8. Make it a mom-and-child bonding activity, and discover some precious insights about one another.
  9. Set a target that you feel is doable—a page, a paragraph, a 4-line poem per day—but be flexible if you have some "lazy days" and some inspired days.
  10. Read back over past journal entries once in a while, and be amused, grateful, touched and amazed by your motherhood journey all over again!

Writing Prompts to Overcome Journaling Jam

Feeling overwhelmed by that blank page? Choose from these handy opening phrases to jumpstart your journaling—then be surprised by where they may lead!

  • "Today, I’m looking forward to…"
  • "I laughed out loud today because…"
  • "I’m worried about…"
  • "How I wish…"
  • "I just learned…"
  • "Being a mother is…"
  • "I’m going to…"
  • "Who would’ve thought…"
  • "I feel so…"
  • "Wow! This is…"

BONUS writing prompt: Start each journal entry with "Dear __________…" Like you are writing a letter to a person, a place, a memory, a time in your life, even an object in front of you.

Journals for Moms: Our Picks for You

Mothers are so special, there’s an entire section of Mommy journals available on Amazon! Here’s a sampling of 6 that are perfect for de-stressing—through thankfulness, humor, kiddie cuteness, or some cozy comfort.

How to use journaling as way of relieving stress for busy moms

1 – Gratitude Journal for Busy Moms

2 – Present, Not Perfect for Moms: A Journal for Slowing Down, Being Mindful, and Trusting in Yourself

3 – For: Mom / A lined journal

4 – Never a Dull Moment (Stuff My Kid Said & Did)

5 – Just Between Us: Mother & Son: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

6 – RELAX / LITTLE HYGGE NOTEBOOK: A blank lined journal for those who love putting pen to paper

7 – HYGGE: A lined journal designed for fans of the Scandinavian philosophy of cozy comfort

o, that’s our simple (and slightly belated) Mother’s Day gift to you, dear moms. Have a wonderful journaling journey!

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