How to Repurpose Old Christmas Decorations into Something New!

Repurposing Ideas for Old Christmas Decorations

Have you started rummaging through your storage bins of holiday decorations? Like all of us, you’ve probably come across a few pieces that have seen better days, right? Or ones that you’ve just grown tired off through the years. Wait! Before you toss those out or stuff them back in the bins for "future use," you may be able to give them a fresh, new look and enjoy them for a few more Christmases to come!

That’s right, we’re talking about repurposing old holiday garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, stockings, string lights and bulbs—without spending more than a few bucks or maybe nothing at all. Just see how these clever Christmas crafters did it. Then, pick a few pieces from your own old decor stash to turn into something new!

Repurposing Ideas for Old Christmas Decorations

Here are 6 examples of how to give used holiday accents a new lease on life. The secret is spotting the possibilities for assembling them into some other decorative piece, then embellishing them with fresh, festive touches!

Repurposing Ideas for Old Christmas Decorations

Repurposing old holiday garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, stockings, string lights and bulbs

An easy place to start would be with old Christmas garlands and wreaths. In fact, a garland can be turned into a wreath (1), as shown on Pocketful of Posies, using a regular wire hanger bent into a circle to attach the garland to, then a sprinkling of snow flock for a pretty, frosty finish.

Even more straightforward, would be to simply spiff up a basic old wreath (2) by adding a patterned bow, holiday ornaments, and leafy or berry picks, as Southern Charm Wreaths did. Quick, but definitely does the trick!

Then, from The Navage Patch, see how faux Christmas tree branches are transformed into a charming "sleigh bell swag" (3) by adding a spray of antique-look sleigh bells and a length of plaid ribbon.

For a playful statement piece, check out how Design Dazzle made this Christmas stocking holder from a repurposed headboard (4). It takes a little painting knowhow and some elbow grease, but the kids will love looking forward to Santa’s visit with this.

Want to try something with a retro vibe? Borrow this idea for a Christmas light wreath using vintage bulbs (5) from Craftivity Designs. You may have old-style bulbs like these or find them in thrift shops, yard sales, or online. Simply, glue them onto an embroidery hoop. Tada, a colorful vintage wreath!

Small artificial ones are ideal for repurposing into Christmas swags (6) as Pretty Simple Sherri demonstrates. Make one out of the top end of the tree with its ready-made tapered shape, plus a couple more from some of the bottom branches.

 And last but not the least, Christmas fabric wrapping. Turn your old gift-wrapping into a creative wreath decorated with gift-wrapped music CDs as seen on Bellenza (7).

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