LED Floating Decorations: Light Up Your Evening Pool Party!

Light Up Your Pool Party with LED Floating Decorations

It’s definitely pool party season! But aside from the usual daytime swimming and sunning, wouldn’t an evening poolside event be lovely? Once the summer sun sets, that’s when you can work some real party decor magic with floating lighted pool decorations!

Maybe you’re thinking of a pool party with a sci-fi galaxy theme for kids, a glow-in-the-dark motif for teens, or a retro ’80s era vibe for grownups. Whichever of these you choose, the key element would be the lighting! So we discovered some pretty amazing pool lighting products you can buy—and DIY projects you can make! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Ready to Buy: LED and Battery-powered Pool Decor

Blinking? Color changing? Floating or submersible? Take your pick from these pool lighting products to add pizzazz to your party!

LED and Battery-powered Pool Decor for Evenings

Available on Amazon

  1. Light Up Pool Noodle
  2. Battery Operated 3" Floating Color Changing LED Balls (Set of 12)
  3. Battery Powered Floating Flowers
  4. Submersible LED Lights for Pool
  5. Colorful Swimming Pool Lights
  6. Glowsource 24" Giant Light-Up Beach Balls: (2-Pack)

Available from Walmart

7. Giant LED Light Up Swan Ride for Swimming Pool

Lighted Pool Party Decorations You Can Make

What about assembling your own floating light decor? We found these fun DIY projects that will make your pool just as pretty!

Lighted floating diy decorations

1 – Floating Glow Balloons – Yes, these are actually colored balloons with glow sticks inside! As shown in this YouTube video, just add a little air to make them float, and a little water to give them weight. Then, set them afloat in your pool!

2 – Pool Noodle Luminaries – Great use of LED tea light candles in this project from Create Craft Love. Cute little "sleeves" cut from pool noodles ensure they’ll be stable and float upright in the water, while simple plastic wrap keeps the bottom watertight.

3 – DIY Floating Pool Lanterns – For a bit of an Asian flair, try making these floating lanterns we found on Tomfo. They are ready-made paper lanterns with battery-operated lights built in. You simply add a plastic base to each—then set them off on the water!

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