No-spend: Fall Candle Centerpieces to Make at Home!

Fall Candle Centerpieces to Make at Home

Fall isn’t just about changing colors and textures. It’s also about the beautiful ways that you can work with candlelight amidst the wonderful change of the season. With the use of natural materials like seasonal vegetables, jute and raffia, acorns, anise stars, and pinecones, making eye-catching fall candle centerpieces takes very little effort (really!) as long as you can put your creative lenses on with a “no-spend” approach for making fall decorations.

Here’s how you can make your own fall candle centerpieces with minimal spending:

Here’s how you can make your own fall candle centerpieces with minimal spending

  1. Use recycled jars and bottles from home. Keep those mayonnaise, baby food, and peanut butter jars! There are great for holding votive candles and some pillar candles, too.
  2. Find items from you backyard or park like falling leaves, acorns, and pinecones.
  3. Make use of stones and pebbles as fillers. You can also substitute rice and corn.
  4. Use fabrics from home that can be made into table runners. Think of re-purposing old jeans, curtains, floor rugs, and sheets.
  5. Add vegetables to your centerpiece vignette. Using different varieties of squashes adds a unique dimension. Try Japanese squash as an example.
  6. Save those wine bottles. We can’t say this enough, but leftover vino could not be more useful as they can be filled with tapered candles. You can also use them to hold wheat stalks and baby’s breath.
  7. Use your favorite fall scents to infuse an autumn fragrance in your centerpieces. Check your cupboard for autumnal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Whether you are creating them for a fall tablescape or just for your coffee table. Be creative! Have fun with making your own candle centerpiece this autumn.

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