Plan Your Dream Mediterranean Picnic: Menu Ideas + Picnic Essentials

Inspiration for a Mediterranean-style Picnic Spot

There’s no lovelier way to savor relaxed, al fresco dining than with a Mediterranean-inspired picnic! As showcased in our posts on a Mediterranean seafood BBQ menu and classic Mediterranean specialties, the freshness and lightness of this cuisine makes it the perfect spread to take outdoors on a balmy summer day. And “outdoors” could be on a grassy hillside, by the sea, in a nearby park, or right in your backyard getaway inspired by Morocco or Capri! Just pack those outdoor essentials and a fabulous combo of cheese, wine, bread, appetizers and condiments, find your picnic spot, and enjoy! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Inspiration for a Mediterranean-style Picnic Spot

Take styling cues from these 8 fabulous examples of outdoor tablescapes or seaside spreads right on the sand. Then, recreate that idyllic laid-back ambiance for your own picnic a la Méditerranée.

Have you chosen a spot out in the countryside or one much closer to home? Either way, the magical elements for your picnic will be the delectable, yet light staples of Mediterranean cuisine set out in a rustic-boho or coastal-boho style.

Picnic on a Table

Inspiration for a Mediterranean-style Picnic Spot

Even on a backyard table (1), you can treat yourselves to the flavorful choices of a Moroccan medley, Provencal classics, Italian antipasti, Greek grilled specialties, Spanish tapas, or Middle Eastern meze (visit the link in the credits for the mouthwatering suggestions for each!).

Or channel a vineyard vibe (2) with a selection of fine wines, served with Manchego cheese, a crusty round of artisan whole wheat bread, olive tapenade, deli-prepared Greek salad or Mediterranean kale salad, and veggie sticks with a hummus dip.

Simple Yet Delectable

Simple Yet Delectable Mediterranean Bites

Only have space for a simple buffet board? No worries. A delicious array of fresh Mediterranean bites (3) such as roasted garlic cheese bread slices, grilled veggies (zucchini and red onion), toasted almonds, hummus, gouda, and salami will be just as enjoyable! Even simpler, a large wooden tray laid out on a picnic blanket (4) can offer a tempting display of bread loaves, sticks, and crackers, an organic honey dip, orange marmalade, olives, fresh fruit, and of course wine.

Planning a romantic picnic for two (5)? An intimate table serving a menu of lemon-basil chicken, Greek salad with feta cheese and Kalmata olives, Spanish rice, fresh berries in Greek yogurt, and glasses of mint tea (see the recipes in the link below) would be just the thing.

Mediterranean Beach Picnic

If you have the added bonus of a seaside location, then the picnic setup – especially if right on the sand – provides a chance to recreate that rustic-coastal-boho setting we mentioned.

You see this in the beach picnic inspiration examples (6, 7, 8), where a large picnic blanket and comfy throw pillows provide an inviting bohemian-style base for your Mediterranean spread. Against this backdrop, any selection of breads, cheeses, sliced meats, salads, olives, dips, spreads, dates, grapes, and wines looks extra enticing  – while the sun, wind, and sea make everything extra delicious!

Credits: 1 – Oldways / 2 – Nugget Market / 3 – A Slo Life / 4 – This is Sivylla / 5 – Modern Day Goddess / 6 – About That Food / 7 – The College Housewife / 8 – Villa Hurmuses

Editor’s Picks: Mediterranean Picnic Must-Haves!

Now, how to recreate that look? And do so with minimum hassle but maximum style? Remember, taking a meal outdoors means carrying not only the food and drinks, but plates, glasses, cutlery – and, if on the beach, a picnic blanket and throw pillows. With all that in mind, here are our cool finds for you.

Wild in Bloom Soft Picnic Blanket via Amazon

1 – Wild in Bloom Soft Picnic Blanket – Sold by Wild in Bloom and Fulfilled by Amazon. This multi-layered camping blanket is made of an acrylic-wool blend with a waterproof backing for protection from grass, sand, dirt, and rocks, and comes with a carrying strap.

Via World Market Corsica Wine And Cheese Insulated Willow Picnic Basket

2 – Corsica Wine and Cheese Insulated Picnic Basket from World Market- This compact basket, woven from natural willow, features a fully-lined interior for two bottles of wine and an exterior pocket packed with a cutting board, corkscrew, and cheese knife.

Cheese Board and Tools from World Market

3 – Cheese Board and Tools from World Market – This split-level circular cutting board made of rubberwood swings open to reveal three cheese tools, while a recessed groove can hold crackers or catch brine from olives and the like.

Vineyard Wine and Cheese Tote from World Market -

4 – Vineyard Wine and Cheese Tote from World Market – This handy fabric tote features two insulated wine bottle compartments and an insulated liner, plus a hardwood cutting board, stainless steel cheese knife/spreader, and stainless steel corkscrew.

Leafily Palm Leaf Plates

5 – Leafily Palm Leaf Plates – 8 inch Square (22 count) – Sold by EcoEarth Natural and Fulfilled by Amazon. These lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly alternatives to paper plates are made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves; 100% compostable, chemical-free and biodegradable. They are heat, cut, and grease resistant; perfect for hot or cold food and liquids.

Rattan Tray from World Market

6 – Rattan Tray from World Market – This exotic tray is handwoven from naturally-renewable rattan strips, and makes a perfect serving accessory whether for at-home entertaining or an outdoor event – like your Mediterranean picnic!

Woven Oasis Stripe Lumbar Pillow from World Market

7 – Woven Oasis Stripe Lumbar Pillow from World Market – With multi-colored stripes that evoke a Mediterranean summer, this petite pillow will add a comfy and stylish touch to your picnic setting.

Macrame Cushion Pillow - Ships from and sold by

8 – Macrame Cushion Pillow – Ships from and sold by For a hint of the bohemian among the picnic supplies, this wool and cotton macrame pillow is just the thing.


You’re probably dying to plan that Mediterranean-style picnic now! We know we are!

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