Score Winning Points: Chicken Wing Stations for Your Tailgate Party!

How to host a chicken wings party

Whether you’re gearing up to kick-off the football season in August or you just love having friends over to enjoy a super-flavorful, casual meal together, then a chicken wings station is perfect! The main dish is already a sure winner—for guests and hosts alike. Plus there are so many goodies to serve along with the flavor-packed wings. Think chips, veggie sticks, fruits, dips, dressings, sauces and of course ice-cold drinks.

Check out the fun DIY inspiration we found for planning your chicken wings station set-up. And the recipe variants you can wow your guests with! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Chicken Wings Stations: 4 Sporty Examples

Many of the best examples of chicken wings stations are from football-themed parties hosted right at home. So you can always pull out your own table linens and serve ware, and use those.

Buffet tables for chicken wings

Just keep things color-coordinated for a party look—like using red plastic bins and white bowls (1 – from Chocolate Chocolate and More) to hold the chips, drinks, dips, and of course the wings; or a green tablecloth with white ceramic bowls offering 3 kinds of wings and a “sideline sauce station” on a wood slat basket (2 – from Totally Tailgate).

You could also opt to include sports-themed serving elements to amp up the fun! Try ready-to-assemble football party food trays, drinks tubs, utensil holders, and a nifty letter board (3 – from Mom Endeavors). Or for a skateboard-themed bash, how cool would it be to lay out the chicken wings and condiments on trays that look like skateboards (4 – from Catering by J. Baldwin’s)!

Must-Try Chicken Wings Recipes

We all know and love the spicy-sweet stickiness of traditional chicken wings recipes. But why not add a new variation or two, like these, on your tailgate party food station? From honey baked to spicy recipes, serve up your favorite flavors!

Chicken wings recipe finds

1 – One-Tray Chicken Wings – from TESCO Real Food

2 – Hawaiian Chicken Wings with Pineapple Blue Cheese Dip – from Crisco

3 – Baked Chicken Wings with Sour Cream Seasoning – from Pillsbury

4 – Chef Robert McGrath’s Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings with Soy – from Tabasco

5 – Honey Baked Sriracha Chicken Wings – from Betty Crocker

6 – New Orleans Style Chicken Wings – from McCormick

7 – Naked Buffalo Wings – from Paula Deen

Sides and Dips to Serve with Chicken Wings

To complement that flavorful kick of the wings, what must you have? Why, even more flavors to fill up your buffet station—and your tummies—with! See our delish product picks for you.

Dips and chips for chicken wings party

Available from Amazon

1 – Walden Farms Bleu Cheese Dip

2 – Ranch Dressing & BBQ Sauce 3 Pack

3 – Sugar Lips Sriracha Glaze Sauce (16 oz, Brown)

4 – Todd’s Medium Salsa

5 – Kettle Style Potato Chips with Olive Oil & Sea Salt

6 – Organic Restaurant Style Tortilla Chip with Sea Salt

Available from Trader Joe’s

Spicy hummus from Trader Joe's

7 – Organic Buffalo Style Hummus


Thirst-quenching Drinks to Serve

You’ll surely need ice-cold beverages to go with such a tasty spread. For refreshments, take your pick of these drinks to offer up alongside the chicken wings bar:

  • Alcoholic – Your favorite local beers, mojitos, bourbon and Coke, sangria, sparkling wine
  • Non-alcoholic – Lemonade, iced teas, fruit juices and slushes, sodas, fruit-infused water

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