Virtual Photo Booths: Apps to Snap Away With at Your Milestone Event!

Virtual Photo Booth Apps

If we thought those on-site party photo booths were pretty neat, look what they’ve evolved into today! Trust the tech world to take the fun photo booth from traditional to virtual. With just an app right on your mobile phone (no installation needed), you and your guests at an online party can pose and snap away, then save and share those memorable pics! So we’re featuring 6 amazing virtual photo book apps for you to be wowed by.

Admittedly, these apps have been designed with major branded events in mind. But their super-convenient and customizable features are definitely worth the price in memories snapped and saved at a milestone event, like a virtual Sweet 16 celebration, a graduation, a 50th birthday, or a golden wedding anniversary. So do check out the photo booth magic that these apps can bring to your once-in-a-lifetime occasion!

6 Amazing Virtual Photo Booth Apps

All these apps offer the same basic features. They each allow you and your online guests to SNAP, SAVE, and SHARE dozens of images from your event in real time. Just click on the link for each vendor to see the specs, how to get a quote, and how to book a virtual photo booth.

Cool Virtual Photo Booth Apps

1 – Virtual Photo Booth from The Snap Bar

This online photo booth from The Snap Bar can be branded and customized to fit any need, and can integrate with many of the leading virtual event platforms. It is being used at conferences, expos, parties, holiday celebrations, galas, schools, retail events, sporting events, and more. For a party, it allows you to customize backgrounds, add stickers, and tie-up with your theme.

2 – Virtual Photo Booth from Out Snapped

Click, Capture, Connect is what Out Snapped invites you to do with their Virtual Photo Booth app. In real time, your guests can view the live web gallery of your event to see other attendees’ pics right as they are taken. Special features include virtual backgrounds, templates for every format, custom stickers, fun filters and overlays, and even an "Add a Friend" feature for guests to pose "with" their friends for online snaps!

3 – Virtual Booth from Tap Snap

The TapSnap Virtual Booth is the perfect way to add some photo booth fun to your virtual event while everyone is social distancing. It includes many of the same features as an in-person photo booth, but is accessible on any device with a camera and web browser. Plus, it lets you customize the experience in 3 easy steps: Snap a photo. Customize it with photo frames, expressive stickers, and themed backgrounds. Then, share instantly! Guests can even leave a short message of up to 50 characters on the pics for a great personal touch.

4 – Virtual Booth from Simple Booth

Virtual Booth works from any device with no need to install software. It just works! Guests simply tap on the prepared link or scan a QR code to start. Then, they can take photos or choose from their camera library; and edit with filters and effects like Virtual Booth’s "magic backgrounds," overlays, and stickers. Finally, you can all share your photos as fun digital souvenirs of the event!

5 – Virtual Photo Booth from The Story Box Co.

Virtual Photo Booth enables guests to take photos which are then placed into pre-designed themed layouts, and the final digitally-framed images are shared with them. The app itself is entirely browser based (no installation required), and photos can be captured with any device, anywhere that Internet service is available. Users may choose to take still photos, GIFs and Boomerang effects, as well as use the "AI background removal" feature. The app’s online gallery then allows direct social sharing.

6 – Pixiweb Virtual Photo Booth from Pixilated

Whether for in-person events, completely virtual ones, or some hybrid of the two, PixiWeb Virtual Photo Booth connects people through an interactive web-based photo booth app—all accessible from a single link! It starts by allowing you to personalize the first screen your guests will see with your event name, color scheme, themed graphics, etc. Guests can then take photos in "photo booth mode" or upload existing photos from their device’s photo gallery. All invited users can view the photos within your shared event photo gallery in real time, and can then download and share photos directly from the gallery page. You can even run games and contests among the online guests—using photos snapped and shared via Pixiweb.

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