What Food Containers are Best for Transporting Potluck Food: 10 Practical Picks


With all the holiday entertaining coming up this Thanksgiving and Christmas, potluck parties are sure to be on your calendar. And since convenience and practicality are what going potluck is all about, then even transporting your food items and serving them at the venue should be hassle free.

So, how do you keep your culinary contributions delicious, fresh, hot or cold, and party-ready with ease? By choosing the right kind of container specially designed for each food type—like our 10 great finds below. Or by improvising with foodware and kitchen storage items you may already have (more on that in a separate section of tips!).

Partying is about to get pretty practical with these potluck container choices you can use for years! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Salad containers for ptlucks

1 – For Salads

Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Food Storage Salad Container (available from Amazon) is a 4.7 cup clear plastic container with lid, and includes a removable storage tray for toppings and a separate dressing container.

Stainless steel pot for transporting soups and sauces.

2 – For Soups or Sauces

The Olicamp Stainless Steel Kettle (available from Amazon) comes in 1-quart, 3-quart, and 4-quart sizes, with a special locking bail handle that keeps it spill-free even when full. The lid, also of stainless steel, is designed as a frying pan with a built-in folding handle.

Roasting pan with cover and handls for a potluck party.

3 – For Turkey and Roasts

The Mr Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel Nonstick 14-inch Rectangular Roaster with Lid (available from Amazon) is the ideal roast-and-serve container that can go straight from oven to table. The interior cooking surface claims to have the most superior non-stick coating, the solid handles allow easy lifting and transporting, and the stainless steel lid retains the heat till serving time.

Crockpot for transporting stews with lock and handle for a potluck party.

4 – For Stews

For turning out super flavorful stews with minimal effort, you can’t beat a slow cooker like the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook & Carry Oval Slow Cooker (available from Amazon). Plus its lockable lid and handles are great for transporting, while its stylish design fits right into a holiday party setting!

Crudites container with picks.

5 – For Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Planning to bring pre-sliced vegetables or fruits to the party? They’ll keep fresh, crisp, and cool in this Ice Chilled 5-Compartment Condiment Server Caddy by VEBO (available from Amazon). The removable compartments are made of clear, shatter-proof plastic designed to sit on a layer of ice cubes. A versatile party or picnic essential for holding sauces, dips, dressings, and other condiments, too.

Glad container for bringing cookies to a potluck during the holidays.

6 – For Cookies

Baked goodies, like cookies, will arrive at the party still oven-fresh packed in this Glad Container, Potluck Size, Extra Large Rectangle (available from Amazon). Usable for most food items you may plan to transport, and can go from freezer to microwave if needed.
Cupcake transporter with compartments and handles.

7 – For Cupcakes

With all that pretty frosting on top, cupcakes can be quite a challenge to bring to a potluck event. Luckily, there are specially designed carriers, like this 3 Tier Cupcake Holder and Carrier Container (available from Wayfair). It holds up to 36 cupcakes on removable trays with moulded placeholders, and has a tightly fitted lid with carrying handle.


8 – For Cakes

If you’re planning to bring a beautiful home-baked cake, you’d want it to arrive at the party in perfect shape! This Martha Stewart Collection Round Cake Carrier (Created for Macy’s) helps you ensure that, with its high dome cover and secure locking base.


9 – For a Variety of Baked Goods

Here’s an option that will take you not only to potluck parties with ease, but even to picnics, bbq’s, and at-home gatherings! This 21-Pc. Portable Prep & Bake Set by Pyrex (available from Macy’s) includes glass containers with lids—varied sizes and shapes of dishes and bowls, a pie plate, prep bowl cups, and a carrier plus a hot/cold pack insert.


10 – For Casseroles

This is actually a bag rather than a container. But we had to include this super-practical (and chic!) Premium Thermal Insulated Casserole Carrier (available from Amazon). It makes transporting dishes like mac and cheese, pasta, and paella so easy. Its double foam padding and thermal foil lining keep food warmer or cooler longer while in transit. This can even be used as a freezer bag to deep chill items before transporting.

Tips for Improvising Your Potluck Containers

Time or cost constraints keeping you from buying new food containers for a potluck? Here are our tips for being resourceful with what you already have:

  • Use a large fruit or bread basket lined with tea towels to carry a glass food dish in. You may wrap a towel or muffler around it, too, to keep the heat in longer.
  • For soups or saucy dishes like stews, transport these in the pot you cooked them in with the lid secured with tape, twine, or a tightly knotted kitchen towel. Then, simply reheat it when you get to the party.
  •  Use resealable silicone stretch lids to make any bowls, dishes, or jars you already have into transportable containers for party food.
  •  For cold dishes, salads, or desserts, convert an insulated cooler that you already use for drinks into a food carrier packed with ice.
  •  The mason jars in your pantry would come in handy, too, for bringing along sauces, dips, condiments, salad ingredients, and even single-serve desserts.

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Food containers for bringing potluck food.

Food containers to store and transport baked goods to a potluck party.

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