Yummy Gelatin Desserts: Easy to Transport Recipe Ideas for a Summer Potluck

Easy Gelatin Desserts Recipes

Who doesn’t look forward to beating the heat with frozen treats at a summer potluck party? Ice cream sandwiches? Yum! Or chilled fruity desserts? But the challenge is how to transport these goodies while on the go and keep them from melting down to a sticky mess.

Solution? Light, delish desserts that keep cold and fresh while staying as pretty as when they left your kitchen! Of course, using the right potluck food carriers is a big plus. But choosing "temp-proof" recipes like these gelatin desserts is the best first step. And what a tempting array we’ve got for you to choose from!

Summer-ready Gelatin Dessert Recipes

Fresh and fruity? Creamy and chocolatey? Or with a smooth coffee flavor? We found cool and colorful gelatin dessert recipes to suit all these summertime cravings.

Easy gelatin desserts for summer potlucks

Just click on the links for the recipes, and discover some with exciting origins!

1 – Strawberry Jello Dessert Bars – Trang of Wild Wild Whisk shares this family recipe of  triple layers of strawberry jello, lemon jello-flavored cheesecake, all on a nutty and buttery walnut shortbread crust.

2 – Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberry Compote – Make an elegant statement at a summer gathering with these silky smooth panna cotta cups, topped with a compote made with fresh strawberry slices. Recipe from Alberta Milk.

3 – Chocolate Mousse Jelly and Pudding – Thanks to jelly molds and this recipe from Kuali, you can turn out these pretty mouthfuls of chocolate milk powder, condensed milk, and agar agar jelly to take along as potluck desserts.

4 – No-Bake Crema de Fruta – This classic  Filipino layered dessert, shared by Foxy Folksy, consists of cake, creamy custard, fruit cocktail, and fruit-flavored gelatin. Just chill to set, then serve!

5 – Blueberry Pineapple Lemon Creamy Gelatin Dessert – A firmer, loaf-style version of panna cotta, this recipe from Olga’s Flavor Factory features a perfect tart trio of fruits to contrast the creamy base. And you can slice it on site at your summer outing.

6 – Coffee and Coconut Cream Jelly – Coffee lovers will enjoy this popular Southeast Asian combo of bold coffee flavor and creamy coconut milk, so beautifully layered in this dessert recipe courtesy of Rice ‘n Flour.

7 – Piña Colada Mosaic Gelatin – Bring a bit of tropical flavor with pineapple gelatin cubes molded into coconut-flavored gelatin, with a splash of rum. See how in this recipe from Kiwi Limon.

Now, you can show up at your upcoming summer potluck parties and show off with these cool, colorful gelatin desserts! Plus potluck menu ideas from these posts, too:

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