Keep Cool! Desserts for a Summertime Baby Shower!

As the summer heat sizzles outdoors, treat your baby shower guests to refreshing desserts! They’d more than welcome sweet treats that are either cold or creamy—or both—to help counter the rising temperatures.

One quick and easy option would, of course, be good old-fashioned ice cream in everyone’s favorite flavors. But in honor of the special occasion, we’d suggest going for something truly “party worthy.” Consider desserts that are a bit more fancy, pretty to look at, and served in style. Like these ideas we have right here!

Colorful, Fruit-flavored Mousse

Mousse desserts in peach and lemon

Sweet, creamy mousse is always a big hit as a party treat. It makes a cool end to a summer meal, and is light enough to keep some of the guilt away! In keeping with the season, though, it would be great to choose mousse recipes that are fruit-flavored or may even have fresh fruits combined. Prepare individual servings in pretty decorative dishes, so guests can just pick one up and enjoy! You can also serve pound cakes or custard-filled cakes on the side.

Recipes you can try:

  1. Easy strawberry mousse
  2. Strawberry mousse parfait
  3. Fresh lemon mousse
  4. Peach mouse

Gelatin and Cream Desserts

Cherry gelatin with whip cream and Oreo chocolate cookies

Another cool choice (literally!) would be desserts made with gelatin and cream ala parfait. Again, they’re refreshingly light and have a smooth, pleasant texture everyone loves. Best of all, they come in such a wide array of flavors and colors that you can match your gelatin choice to your shower theme or color palette. Even plain unflavored gelatin makes a delicious treat when topped with fresh fruit, cocoa powder, or some chopped nuts.

For a bit of party presentation, scoop cubes of gelatin into stemmed water goblets. Add a dollop of whipped cream plus an Oreo cookie for extra appeal.

Recipes you can try:

  1. Raspberry gelatin dessert
  2. Coffee gelatin dessert
  3. Chai tea gelatin dessert
  4. Prosecco gelatin parfait

Sorbets with a Yummy Flavor

Citrus sorbets in orange and yellow

From tart and tangy to exotic and unusual, the varied flavors of sorbet make it a truly versatile dessert option for a baby shower. Its straight-from-the-freezer chill is ideal for the summertime, just as its crystalline texture mimics a scoopful of snow—with color and flavor added. Portion the sorbet out in glass sherbet cups or even martini glasses, garnish with a sprig of mint or a citrus twist, and serve!

Recipes you can try:

  1. Mango sorbet
  2. Chocolate sorbet
  3. Champagne sorbet
  4. Watermelon sorbet

Try Something with an Asian Twist

Asian rice pudding dessert (tapioca)

At an Asian-inspired baby shower, serve cold and creamy desserts with a distinctly Asian flair. The flavors may be new to your guests, but there’s no time like a special occasion to spring a little surprise. Use attractive glasses and strikingly decorated plates to offer these desserts to guests—and watch them go from “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” to “yum!”

Recipes you can try:

  1. Japanese coffee jelly
  2. Mandarin orange gelatin dessert
  3. Green tea ice cream
  4. Thai red bean dessert
  5. Mochi ice cream balls
  6. Tapioca pudding with brown sugar

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