Fall Donut Themed Baby Shower: Creative Donut Display Ideas

Donuts are already irresistible to begin with—just like the baby you’re expecting. So using these baked goodies as the theme for an autumn season baby shower is a really sweet (and easy) idea. They practically decorate the shower setting for you!

But you do want to showcase the donut theme in a special way for the occasion. So we’ve gathered these 7 creative donut display ideas that let you play up the fall season and/or highlight the tempting treats! They range from DIY assemblies using serve ware you already have, to those eye-catching donut walls that are such fun for guests to serve themselves from. Mom-to-be is going to love these! (*this post contains an affiliate link)

Donut Displays Using Cake Stands, DIY Racks

Got some pretty cake stands or tiered pastry trays? This donut-themed baby shower is the perfect chance to use them to add party flair to your dessert buffet. Or go crafty with a semi-DIY approach, shown below.

Start by piling up your donuts on cake stands and pastry trays. Then, arrange them on your treats table.

Add charming fall touches like rustic wooden crates, autumn leaves and nuts (1), as House of Pixel Dust did. Or create a semi-vintage setting with ceramic serve ware in pastels and white (2), as found on Inspiration Made Simple; or a playful look with a backdrop of giant sprinkles (3), like Parties With a Cause.

Add height and pizzazz to a tiered food stand, with a box wrapped in donut-pattern paper (4). And use that to display donuts and other treats on sticks. Great idea from Making Manzanita!

Dazzle with a Donut Wall

Talk about an enticing way to offer up donuts. A donut wall combines decorating and deliciousness all in one!

You can go small and simple, if your gathering will be an intimate one. Try a ready-made Donut Display Board (5) available on Amazon, that you can set up in a snap! Or assemble your own DIY Donut Wall (6) with this tutorial from Reese’s HardWear—made even more adorable with letter donuts to spell out the expected baby’s name!

Or for a bigger shower, why not make your own framed donut wall (7), courtesy of First Thyme Mom? Surround it with woodsy accents to celebrate the fall season, and create a warm and inviting scene!

Okay, so we’ve got the donut display ideas covered. Now, to complete all the details for such a joy-filled occasion, take inspiration from more of our Fall Baby Shower posts:

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