Featured Party Idea: Themed Cake Pops by Flour On My Face!

We just love surprises! So what a thrill it was for us to hear back from Arlene Mobley about possible party ideas from her food and lifestyle blog, Flour On My Face. Arlene readily shared links to one of her specialties, decorated cake pops to match various party themes. And what adorable creations they turned out to be! From the simple confections-on-a-stick we all know and love, she is able to transform these into colorful, whimsical, fun and surely scrumptious party treats—for occasions from baby showers to birthdays to seasonal events.

Take a peek at the 7 cake pop variations we’re delighted to feature here. And do stop by Arlene’s blog for many more delicious ideas you can add to an upcoming party!

Decorated Cake Pops to Match Your Party Themes

As Arlene reveals about herself on her site: “I have always loved to cook and bake. I consider recipe creation another form of the arts.” No wonder her themed cake pops are the cutest creations!

Themed Cake Pops by Flour On My Face!

Just in time for Thanksgiving and other fall gatherings, how perfect are these Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops (1) made with pumpkin spice cake mix and dipped in pumpkin spice candy melts. Or if you have a late summer beach party coming up, Arlene’s “Deep Blue” WaterFire Saga Cake Pops (2) inspired by the young adults book series would be pretty cool!

For the sweetest baby shower desserts and favors, see how she played around with colored candy coatings and swirls to highlight a particular theme. There are Pink & Grey Girl Baby Shower Cake Pops (3) looking so dainty and delish. Also Lion King Baby Shower Cake Pops (6) coated in green candy melts, then drizzled with dark cocoa and baby blue candy melts (Arlene even shares how to do a proper “drizzle”!). And the most adorable Paisley Baby Shower Cake Pops (7)—named after the expected baby, but looking Lilly Pulitzer-inspired, don’t you agree?

Birthdays, of course, are another perfect excuse to serve cake pops. Check out these chic Lisa Frank Birthday Party Cake Pops (5) sporting all the colors of a neon-rainbow that are just classic Lisa Frank.

Finally, with the holiday season just months away (gulp!), Arlene’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake Pops (4) would make absolutely irresistible party favors and Christmas gifts. Or maybe for Valentine’s? Or Mother’s Day? Okay, just about any time of year!

Huge thanks to Arlene for sharing your go-to goodies, Cake Pops, decorated so prettily for any theme, season or occasion.

Want to try your hand at cake pop making?

Arlene has a basic tutorial for How to Make Cake Pops. So you can whip up your own treats with flavors, frosting colors and decorations of your choosing.

For some ideas for seasonal cake pops, visit our post on:

Something is About to Pop: Cake Pops for an Easter Baby Shower.

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