How to Plan a Blue Winter Baby Shower with Stylish Details

Imagine looking forward to a baby’s birth in “the most wonderful time of the year”! Sure the holidays are hectic, but all the sparkle and glitter of wintertime lends a special air of joy and excitement to planning a baby shower for Mom-to-be. And just think of the adorable decorations, treats, and favors you can prepare – just like these amazing finds we’re sharing to help you plan a wintertime baby shower, all in icy shades of baby blue! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Baby Shower Inspiration in Wintry Blues

With just 10 basic elements like these, you can style a beautiful “baby blue” shower inspired by the snowy season.

Styling Inspiration for a Winter Blue Baby Shower!

Make sure guests mark their calendars (you know how crazy busy the holidays are!) by sending your shower invites early. Take your pick from the amazing selections online, like this chalkboard-style “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Snowfall Baby Shower Invitation (1).

Continue the wintry theme to the party venue with this ready-made “Baby It’s Cold Outside” banner (3) that you can display as is, or add the snowflakes-and-circles garland, too. It could adorn your entryway or your mantel, or serve as the backdrop for your cake and desserts table.

Speaking of cake, you must have a matching blue “Oh Boy!” Baby Shower Drip Cake (2).

And alongside it, have an array of sweet treats: Blueberry Chex Parfaits (4), a healthy combo of fruit, cereal, and yogurt; Chocolate Stirring Spoons (5) made with white chocolate melting wafers, white nonpareils, pearl dragees, and silver sprinkles; and Frosty Dipped Oreos (6) featuring snowflake “transfers” on blue chocolate-dipped cookies!

For the baby shower signature drink, honor Mom-to-be with a “Tiffany Punch” Sparkling Blue Mocktail (9). So easy with just 2 ingredients, Blue Hawaiian punch and prepared lemonade, served over ice in fancy party glasses!

Of course, the occasion wouldn’t be complete without fun games like “Baby Jeopardy” (8) or maybe something winter-themed like “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” (dressing up a snowman figure made of white balloons). And you must thank guests with special baby shower favors – sparkling blue rhinestone votive holders (7) perfect for the holiday season and bundles of goodies and gifts in baby blue wraps (10)!


Invitation via Purple Trail

Baby shower cake – Zoetegoed (via Pinterest)

Blueberry Chex Parfaits – Betty Crocker

Chocolate Stirring Spoons – Mobile Bay Mag

Frosty Dipped Oreos – Up Country Olio

Tiffany Punch Mocktail – Mrs. Happy Homemaker

Baby Jeopardy – Afternoon Espresso

Rhinestone votive holders – Bellenza

Fabric favor wraps – Bellenza

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