Easy Crafting Party Activities for Kids to Grownups: 25 Creative Ideas!

Having something hands-on to do at a celebration adds so much more to the fun! So having a Crafting Party combined with a theme of your choice—whether for children or adults—is a party host’s dream. No kiddos running around on hyper mode. No grownups sitting around bored. Everyone with a simple creative project to complete in an hour or so, all in keeping with the chosen theme.

So, take your pick from these 20 examples (10 for youngsters and 10 for grownup guests) featured in our own Bellenza posts. Plus we also have ideas for crafts that kids and adults can work on together at a family party, like making origami cranes, wine cork coasters, mosaic gift wraps, lightbulb ornaments, or cool “can”-dle holders.

10 Easy Crafting Party Activities for Kids

Spring birthday cupcake decorating in rainbow colors

1 – Decorating cupcakes – An easy and yummy idea for a rainbow-themed bash. Just prepare pre-frosted cupcakes and have an array of sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and cute toppers for the kids to decorate away with!

Painting cardboard houses

2 – Painting mini houses – Having a storybook theme? Set up little houses of cardboard and paper, and have the young guests color in the details with paints and brushes you’ve prepared. Don’t forget small aprons or painter’s smocks!

Free hand painting

3 – Free painting – Even easier to prep for a kiddie party. Just have sheets of cardstock or large ones of packing or butcher
paper (depending on how much space you have), plus little pots of washable paints and several brushes.

Face painting materials

4 – Face painting – No need to hire a pro party artist. Just set up an activity station with a few sets of kid-safe face painting supplies. Then, let the children try their hand at brushing on cute designs on cheeks, foreheads, arms and hands.

Make paper sails for a nautical birthday.

5 – Paper sailor hats – A fun kids’ activity for a nautical-themed party would be make-your-own sailor hats! Hand out sheets of construction paper and guide the little ones through the folding process, with little name badges or buttons as snappy accents.

Create beaded bracelets or napkin rings.

6 – Bead accessories – Have an assortment of plastic or wooden beads in all colors, plus lengths of ribbon, heavy string or elastic cord. The kiddies will have a blast creating bracelets, necklaces, hair ties or napkin rings like these from our pop art-inspired party set. (Caution: Adult supervision needed, due to risk of swallowing or choking.)

Recycle gift wrap paper and make favor bags

7 – Treat bags made of newspaper – Teach the youngsters about creative recycling with an artsy party craft like these newspaper bags, trimmed with colorful flower cutouts. They can then fill their own bags with little toys and sweets to take home.

Make flower arrangements.
8 – Colorful canisters – Another recycling craft idea. This time using empty tin cans to be wrapped in pretty wrapping or scrapbook paper with ribbon trims. (You can see these in action as candy tray stands in this post. Or as cute vases for daisies in this post.)

Create colorful cans

9 – Rainbow can centerpieces – Here is a similar party project creating paper-wrapped cans to make bright and cheery centerpieces. Then each little guest can take one home as a party favor.

Easter party crafting activity

10 – Easter chick name cards – And for a springtime party, how adorable are these fluffy paper “chick” cards? The children can turn them into name or gift tags, fridge magnets, or even tiny Easter greeting cards to give to family and friends.

10 Crafting Party Activities for Grownups

1 – Stick horses – This would make a wonderful group craft activity for a Little Cowboy or Western theme. Adults and kids can team up to make these delightful toy horses out of socks, fabric scraps, rope, and wooden sticks. See photo below on left.

Make stick horses or paint vases

2 – Decoupage vases – Depending on your party theme, grownup guests can create their own artsy flower vases from recycled soda bottles dressed up with decoupage. See photo above on right.

Painted white bowling pin bottles

3 – Whimsical bowling pins – Using the same base soda bottles, a bowling-themed bash can include a bowling pin making activity with some white and red paint and chalkboard-style ball tags.

Nail polish vases

4 – Drip-painted bud vases – With small perfume bottles like this one, your party craft activity can transform them into exotic spice holders or pretty single-bud holders decorated with drip-painting.

Raffia napkin rings

5 – Rustic napkin rings from natural materials – Hosting an eco-friendly event? Surprise guests with how they can turn cardboard tubes, raffia strips, and nut shells into crafty napkin rings.

Colored votive holders

6 – Artful votive holders – For a pop art-inspired occasion, plan ahead to have clear votives among your table elements. Invite your guests to decorate these using nail polish. Then, they get to take these home afterwards as party keepsakes.

Lace covered candle hodlers

7 – Lace-covered candle holders – Hosting a vintage tea party, a baby shower, or a Mother’s Day brunch? This simple project of wrapping glass cylinders in lace would make a lovely way to enjoy the time together.

Vintage flower and place card holders

8 – Vintage-style perfume bottles – Also great for those same themed celebrations above would be this decoupage craft for decorating little perfume or apothecary bottles. What pretty party mementos these would make, too!

Wine labels to make at home

9 – Personalized wine labels – Having friends over for a wine-and-cheese gathering? Let them try their hand at calligraphy lettering or creative graphics for personalizing wine bottle labels.

Sparkly candle votive holders

10 – Glitzy candle holders – At a Sweet 16 or milestone birthday soiree with a Hollywood glam theme, have guests create rhinestone glass cube vases like these. Given as favors, they would make fancy candle holders or dresser accents back home.

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