Fabulous Feature: A Pink Rabbit Birthday Party by Nice Party

Oh, the joys of celebrating a sweet little girl’s third birthday right at home! Especially with a small gathering as prettily planned and decorated as this Pink Rabbit Birthday Party we found on the Spanish blog we so enjoy following, Nice Party. [Hint: You can use Google Translate to appreciate the full description along with the photos.]

What we love about this event is how all the delightful details are so clean, fresh, and pink! Nothing overdone, nothing over the top. Just cuteness, pure and simple—from the decorations to the sweet treats. Wonderful inspiration for moms planning their own little ones’ birthday parties. Muchas gracias, Nice Party!

A Delicious Spread of Snacks and Sweets for Guests!

Just darling and so doable! Those were the impressions we immediately got from this at-home soiree. The occasion was focused around the snack and sweets buffet that was set up in the garden. The available trees offered the perfect spot for hanging giant white pompoms and pretty pink bunting.

A snack and sweets table for a pink rabbit birthday theme.

A sweet pink gingham tablecloth set a picnic-like mood, while a wooden crate provided a bit of a rustic touch for displaying the party treats. Again, these goodies were simple but so prettily presented:

  • a white fondant cake topped with a pink bunny cutout and the number 3
  • petite cheese sandwiches individually wrapped in labels with the bunny motif and tied with twine
  • mini red velvet cupcakes with white frosting
  • cookie sticks dipped in white chocolate and pink sprinkles
  • cake pops decorated with white sprinkles
  • candy jars filled with pink and yellow confections, and trimmed with fabric braids, tiny yarn pompoms, and little bunny tags
  • crunchy popcorn in big yellow tubs decorated with the party motif
  • a drawerful (literally!) of scrumptious chocolate brownies

Totally doable, don’t you agree? The secret, though, to such an appealing total effect is keeping everything ‘in color’ (pink and white) and ‘in theme’ (cute little bunny). We love how Nice Party pulled this off so perfectly!

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