How to Host a Groovin’ 60s Birthday Party for Grown-ups

Channel your inner hippie for this one! Host a grownup birthday bash with a neon-splashed, flower-powered 60’s theme! We’ve gathered cool ideas for you from hip invites, decor, attire, and music to 60’s-inspired party food and desserts. So you can pull together a “peace out” party with that authentic throwback look and feel. Guests are sure to be groovin’ the night away! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Hippie-inspired Party Elements to Capture the 60’s Beat

How to plan a 1960s hippie themed birthday party

Get your guests back to the 60’s era in time for the party! Send out themed party invitations (1 – via Zazzle) with iconic peace signs and a camper van. Tuck in a note urging everyone to come in hippie attire (4 – via Amazon), flower prints, fringes and all!

On party day, put up a tie-dye “Peace and Love” tapestry (2 – via Amazon) to set the theme. Then, set the guest tables (3 – The Welcomed Guest) with multi-colored place settings and flower power glasses.

Keep the 60’s vibe going to the sweet stuff! Have a fun tie-dye birthday cake (6 – from Domino Sugar), swirly neon-frosted cupcakes (5 – from Sweeten Your Day Events), and colorful peace-sign cookies (7 – via Creative Cookies) packaged to give as party favors.

Speaking of favors, how cool would it be to have “hippie chick” drinking jars (10 – via Pinterest) for the guests to take home, or special gift boxes of “Woodstock Candy” (8 – via Amazon) containing a retro candy assortment.

For party activities, how can you skip including 60’s photo booth props (9 – via Amazon) for the requisite silly snapshots?

 60’s tunes for a birthday

And of course, having the entire party swing to iconic 60’s tunes (11 – via Amazon) is an absolute must!

Serve Up Nostalgia with 60’s-inspired Party Fare

Prepare fun food ideas you remember from childhood to go right along with the party theme. Get ideas from these appetizers, snacks, and dessert recipes we found!

Groovin’ 60s Birthday Party Food

1 – Ritz “Pizza” Bites – from Snack Works

2 – Cocktail Meatballs – from Once Upon a Chef

3 – Pigs in a Blanket – from Hillshire Farm

4 – Cheesy Roast Beef and Onion Sandwiches – from Nature’s Own Bread

5 – Classic Onion Dip for veggie crudites – from Lipton Kitchens

6 – Broken Glass Dessert – from Simply Cornish

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