A Knight-themed Birthday Party: A Guide for Busy Parents!

A comprehensive guide for planning a Knight-themed birthday party.

A medieval Knight-themed Birthday Party still holds its magic, even for today’s tech-fixated youngsters. In this party guide, we show you how elements like shining armor, swords and shields, crowns, jeweled goblets, even dragons can transform a simple at-home party area into a mythical castle and the celebrant and his guests into noble knights! Even the party fare and favors can be medieval-inspired and “fit for royalty” in a fun way—thanks to amazingly creative real party inspiration and DIY elements, plus knight-themed party products. With these party ideas prepared just for busy parents, we say: be brave, plan, and enjoy!

Party Decorations Fit for Your Noble Knight

Luckily, this is a hugely popular boy’s birthday theme. So you can have your pick of DIY tutorials, ready-made decorations, and printables for knight-inspired party elements.

Knights-themed birthday party decorations // curated by Bellenza.

Mark off the party venue with a “Brave Knights” banner simulating medieval castle pennants (1). Prepare place settings on the party tables (2), decorated with cardboard knight’s helmets serving as place cards. Bring the theme to full life with a knights-themed backdrop (3). Add some fun to your tables with a King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone centerpiece made of foam and pens that look like swords (5)! Then thrill the little guests with an “armory” table laid out with more helmets, knight’s shields and royal goblets (7).

Have each guest feel like a true knight in shining armor with DIY helmets (4) they can craft themselves, following this easy tutorial. Plus, include a make-your-own shield party activity (6), using colorful cardboard cutouts, foam stickers and crayons.

Sources & credits: 1 – Amazon (*affiliate)/ 2 – Babyology / 3 – Windy City Novelties (*affiliate) / 4 – Activity Village / 5 – Julie’s Stamping Spot  / 6 – Momfessionals / 7 – Spaceships and Laserbeams

Favors Ideas Pre-designed for a Medieval Birthday Theme

The elements for a knight theme can be pretty challenging to DIY. So what a huge help it is to have ready-made party collections that include favors as well. We found some real fun favor ideas!

From foam swords to goblets to crowns, Knights themed favors!

Whatever gift items, tokens or sweet treats you choose to give, they will look extra fancy presented in “Brave Knights” party bags (5) or castle favor boxes (2) filled with knightly cookies.

For some kingly keepsakes, why not give gold chocolate coins in bejeweled goblets (3) or gold royal crowns (1). Send off your band of knights with foam swords (6) that will have them bravely battling foes long after the party; or a set of medieval stampers (4) to keep them more quietly occupied back home.

Sources via Amazon affiliate: 1 – Adjustable King Crown / 2 – Castle favor boxes / 3 – Crown Goblet Cups / 4 – Medieval Stampers / 5 – Meri Meri Brave Knights Party Bags / 6 – Foam Prince Swords (set of 12)

Plan a Feast for Hungry Little Knights

Grab some clever party fare ideas to truly capture this theme—from a royal banquet spread to kid-friendly treats. All so doable, you’ll be surprised!

Serve roast turkey, pizza, and sword skewers for a knight party feast!

Simulate a royal banquet with “roast turkey” (actually rotisserie chicken from Wal-Mart!) served on a platter with potatoes (1), along with grapes in metal cups, baskets of bread rolls and brown pears (3).

Even party pizza (2) can have a knightly reference, if you order in from Round Table Pizza (check if you have a branch in your area). While sandwiches on skewers (4) and cheese bites on sword-shaped picks (5) cleverly echo King Arthur’s sword in the stone!

Credits: 1 & 3 – Mrs. Gore’s Diary / 2 – Round Table Pizza / 4 – Frog Prince Paperie / 5 – Wonderland Recipes

Knight-themed Party Goodies and Treats

Even the bravest of knights surely have a sweet tooth, too. So, see what you can serve them—from cake to candies!

A medieval castle cake, dragon cookies and eggs, and cupcakes for knights!

For such a royal celebration, surprise the young honoree with a medieval castle birthday cake (1) that you can have custom made. Then, even simple store-bought cupcakes can be fancied up with knight toppers and cupcake liners (4). If you can homebake (or order from a pro) medieval-inspired sugar cookies decorated as knights and dragons (2), what a treat those would be! Plus how easy can it get to make nests of “dragon eggs” (3) that are actually multi-colored jelly beans labelled with medieval-style printables.

Credits: 1 – Butterfly Cakes / 2 – Kate’s Cookies, via What’s On 4 Kids Parties / 3 – Kindred Creations / 4 – Momfessionals 

With all these great ideas and ready-made party products, we dub thee ready to host a Knight-themed Birthday Party!

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