Lego Birthday Party Series: Party Decorating Ideas!

As a children’s toy, Lego is a hands-down (and hands-on!) classic. So as a party theme, it certainly merits an entire series of posts on Lego Birthday Party inspiration—from decorations, cakes and desserts, games and activities, to goody bags and favors.

Believe us, you could surf for days through the ingenious ideas that party planners and creative moms have come up with. But the focus of our series is to share with you doable, affordable, and super-fun ways to host a Lego Birthday Party. So let’s begin with decorations!

Lego Birthday Party Decorations that Can Be Done!

Set out a bin of Lego bricks and you have instant enjoyment for kids and adults alike! But how to jazz things up for your little one’s birthday…without busting your party budget? Check out these amazing decorating ideas you can actually DIY.

Ideas for throwing a fun Lego themed birthday party | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza!

1 – 3D style invitations – A spin-off from the basic Lego brick, these fun DIY invitations were crafted using cardstock, a circle punch, and craft foam. Thanks to Little Family Fun for the tutorial.

2 – DIY Lego bricks bunting – If you prefer to make your own bunting, use this delightful DIY idea (similar to the invitations) that we spotted on Mondocherry.

3 – Super-easy centerpiece – Can’t get any easier than this: an assortment of Lego bricks poured into clear glass vases, with mini bunting added. Pure genius! Again from Mondocherry.

4 – Utensil holder – Legos can build anything! So get the whole family in on the party decorating, with items like this cheery cutlery caddy found via Find It, Make It, Love It.

5 – Party sign or backdrop – Use actual Lego bricks to form the celebrant’s monogram or age—and you have an instant party sign or backdrop like this cute one from Silly Happy Sweet.

6 – Balloons in primary colors – Lucky that Lego comes in the same basic, bright colors that balloons come in, too! Just one of the great DIY ideas crafted by Delia Creates.

7 – Lego Guy party plates – How clever are these? Just add little knobs on the top edge of square yellow paper plates, as found on Social Salutations, and create a Lego Guy face on each one!

8 – Lego brick place card holders – Yet another super-simple way to decorate ‘in theme’! From the same real party on Delia Creates.

Now, this is one party theme that will feel like ‘child’s play’…literally. Even the prep time will be loads of fun. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the rest of our Lego Birthday Party Series coming up!

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  1. Lego toys bring hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike these party ideas are super cute and fun love to see peoples creativity.

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