How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party without a Theme

Let’s face it! Not all of us have the time, energy, or budget to throw an all-out, meticulously decorated birthday party. So a far easier and more affordable option is to (gasp!) go without a theme. Or more accurately, make color your theme instead!

Our example here revolves around a red and blue motif, since you’re sure to find tons of party decorations and party ware in those colors. Even candies and other treats come in festive red and blue. Plus you can order or bake a simple white cake and just add red and blue trimmings! Come and see how “painless” theme-less can be!

Make Colors Your Party Theme!

Kiddie Birthday Party without a Theme!

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Just looking at the elements shown here, you can already see how easily you can pull off a really eye-catching party scene.

For the decorations

Always a high-impact option is having a backdrop. Simply purchase ready-made paper fans (2), starbursts, honeycomb balls, or tissue pom poms in your chosen colors. Mount these on a wall or a garden trellis to set off your cake and treats table, or have them grace the entryway to the party venue to set the festive mood.

Add hanging or overhead decorations, like this DIY paper-cutout “chandelier” (6) or pennant banners made from scrapbook paper in matching colors and patterns. Then, place fun paper pinwheels (7) wherever you want some twirly action going on: centerpieces, chair decor, party signs, even as part of the food and drinks stations.

TIP: Add touches of yellow to temper the balance of colors between red and blue. Think yellow streamers, garlands, or honeycomb balls. Balloons are great, too!

For the party tables

You can have loads of fun playing with color here, too! Mix and match party plates and bowls (8) with glasses, napkins, and placemats. Then, bring in a DIY touch with clever cutlery pockets (1) you’ve crafted out of brown paper bags and washi tape!

You can keep going with this color-theme concept with coordinated place cards, napkin rings, activity sheets, even favor packaging.

For the cake and treats

Even the birthday cake (5) can have no theme and no one will even notice! Simply dress up a white cake in bunting, candles, sprinkles, and anything that will bring in your chosen colors. Set out dishes holding colored candies (4) like M&Ms, jelly beans, or gummy bears (great excuse to eat those in other colors!).

Finally, assemble a show-stopping treats table (3) featuring goodies you can color coordinate: like candy apples, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, fruits, and colored juices. Use trays, cake stands, bowls, and other containers also “in color” to display the treats in a way that looks all pulled together. The total effect will be so appealing!

Now, wasn’t that fun? Now, to go out and do this for your little one’s next birthday bash. Happy theme-less planning!

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