Retro Surfer-themed Birthday for Dad with a Beach Boys’ Vibe

For a cool "surfer dude" Dad (or one who wishes he still was!), here’s a sure way to bring back the memories for his summertime birthday. Surprise him with a retro surfer-themed birthday bash! That’s right, even if you live nowhere near a beach—or would rather not risk an outing at this time—you can recreate that Beach Boys era vibe right at home.

Remember how we shared about surf-inspired backyard decor and how to host a splashback to the ’50s pool party? Plus ideas on themed trunk parties? Put those all together, and you’ve got all the elements for Dad to go "Surfin’ USA" on his birthday! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Catch the Wave with These Retro Surfer Birthday Ideas

Retro Surfer-themed Birthday Ideas for Dad with a Beach Boys’ Vibe

Set the sand and surf party scene with a ready-made backdrop like this Santa Cruz California Beach Wall Hanging (1 – available on Amazon). Or to make a real splash for the occasion, why not rent or borrow a VW Kombi vintage surfer van (2)! (image: Get the Coastal’s "Kombi Keg" mobile bar rental) Then, you could set up the party buffet and bar right alongside it in your yard.

The party food has got to be surfing inspired, too. Serve tropical appetizers and drinks, like these California Fish Tacos (3) from California Avocado and Shrimp Appetizers with Pineapple (4) from Hula Sauces (with links to several recipes). 

You could also choose luau-style grilled dishes and desserts that include Dad’s favorites. Paired with ice-cold cans of beer, like the  beach-perfect California Honey Blonde Ale (5) from Pizza Port Brewing. Or, consider an iced tea, root beer, or summer cocktail drinks’ table.

And don’t forget to serve a fun retro birthday cake (6 – image: Cake Central) for the "birthday Beach Boy"—with those catchy ’60s tunes from the band’s Surfin’ Safari album (7 – available on Amazon) playing in the background.

So that’s how to bring the beach to your at-home event. Happy retro surfer-themed birthday, Dad!

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