Shark-themed Boy’s Birthday Party: Great DIY Ideas!

We couldn’t let this one final summer party inspiration swim away! It’s a cool Shark Theme that a birthday boy would be thrilled to enjoy with friends. You could still squeeze this in in the remaining sunny days, or you can certainly pin it for next summer. You’ll love the DIY decorating ideas we found. Great ways to keep party costs down, while still playing up that ‘shark appeal’!

DIY Decorations for a Shark-themed Birthday Party

Shark-themed Boy’s Birthday Party DIY Ideas from Table Decor to the Drinks and even Dessert Table!

Dressing Up the Venue

As party guests arrive, greet them with a creative door wreath (3) of circling plastic sharks in blues, grays, and polka dots! The simple how-to is mentioned in Love and Lion. Then, as they proceed to the party area, warn them of the thrills to come with danger signs that you can make out of yellow construction paper saying “Danger, Sharks!”. And hand out shark party hats (6) to each one, crafted following the steps from I Heart the Time.

For a cute backdrop or party sign, check out this shark sun catcher (1) we found on Buggy and Buddy. It’s actually a craft project for preschoolers, so you could make it a fun party activity for the kids! And speaking of activities, how about a fierce-looking but still so cute shark piñata (5)? You can make this yourself following the great tutorial from Barista Kids.

Displaying the Party Fare

Get the kiddies all excited to sit at the party table with a cool centerpiece/runner (2) starring a giant shark! Yes, this is a DIY project found via Awakening Willow, with helpful how-to steps and tips.

For the food or dessert buffet (7), dress up a table with shark-pattern table cloths, a banner of shark pennants, and fun accessories like a mock scuba tank, flippers, and goggles. See these clever ideas and more over at Flip Flops & Pop Tarts.

And in keeping with the ocean setting for sharks, have lots of blue-tinted drinks (4) like this from Sunny Patch Boutique, Jell-o cups with gummy fish swimming in them, frosted cupcakes, cookies, and any other treats you can decorate or top with a shark!

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