Sofia Themed Birthday Party Ideas in Ombre Hues of Purple and Pink!

Your precious one has asked for a Sofia birthday party. You want it to be pretty, but not entirely saturated with the character. Enter our inspiration board! It may not look like your typical Sofia theme, but we wanted to present a set of ideas that had a modern yet whimsical flair. Then, we sought touches of ombre in hues of pink and purple!

Ideas for a Purple Princess Sofia Party!

Sofia themed birthday party ideas from balloons to invitations to favors in pink and purple.

  1. Party balloons – via Just Destiny Mag
  2. Purple ombre cake – see the recipe via Bean Town Baker
  3. Purple pom poms – via etsy lilipoms
  4. Ruffled edged rose cupcakes – via Created by Diane
  5. Princess party tiara decorating activity – via The Blue House Chronicles
  6. Princess cake pops – via Heavenly Cake Pops
  7. Lilac favor wraps – on
  8. Sofia party invitations – via etsy PinkPeaPaperie

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