Turn a Cool "40" with an Old School Hip Hop Birthday Party

If the ladies have their Disco Dance theme to turn 40 to, the guys have an equally cool counterpart: Old School Hip Hop! Both had their heyday in the early ’80s and went on to sweep the music and dance worlds through the next 4 decades. So marking Dad’s (or your!) 40th birthday can be quite a throwback trip—complete with hip hop gear and bling, boombox and graffiti decor, and that unmistakable rap beat.

All in fun, relive the rhythms and the oversized outfits of that era. Put together a hip hop playlist. Prepare a menu of beer and burgers. Then, get ready to party, old school style! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Cool Party Ideas for a Hip Hop-themed Birthday

Your old break dance moves may be a bit rusty now. But you can definitely enjoy a 40th birthday bash with decorations, party props and music that bring back the ’80s. And we’ve got just the picks to get the vibe going!

Cool Party Ideas for a Hip Hop-themed Birthday

It all starts by sending the word out with a Hip Hop Graffiti 40th Birthday Party Invitation (1 – from Swirly World). 

Match this with a real show-stoppe hip hop backdrop (2 – featured on Grey Grey Designs), with a faux brick wall, graffiti columns, a giant gold chain made from metallic balloons, and an inflatable  "boombox" cooler! And, of course, the 40th birthday cake (5 – from Live Love Bake) has got to be just as cool. 

Music sets the mood! Have hip hop classics from CDs like Now That’s What I Call Old Skool (3) playing all party long. While guests capture the milestone moment with graffiti frame photo booth props (6) and a fun rapper costume kit (4) that includes a baseball cap, sunglasses, a gold chain, and an inflatable boombox. Then, send everyone off happy with a favor bag of hip hop goodies, decorated with a graffiti sticker label (7 – digital file from Lyons Prints).

Note: Party picks #4, 5, 6 are all available on Amazon

We can already hear you cheer, "Hip Hop Hooray!" Happy 40th birthday!

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