Stylish Chinese New Year Party Invitations: 2017 Year of the Rooster

With Chinese New Year just around the corner (on January 28th to be exact), we’re round up our favorite party invitations! Throw an auspicious event with artfully designed invites to ring in the Lunar New Year in style. These 8 stylish gold and red invitations should get your party announcement a definite RSVP.

8 Stylish and Festive Chinese New Year Party Invitations

From elegant gold and red color schemes to bold red invitations, these 8 designs are sure to create an impression for a festive Chinese New Year party. Send them out early before the rush begins!

Chinese New Year Party Invitations

  1. White Banner and Rooster Invitation from Purple Trail
  2. Red and Gold Invitation from Purple Trail
  3. Red and White Flowing Lanterns Invitation from Purple Trail
  4. Golden Rooster 2017 Red Invitation from Zazzle
  5. Chinese New Year Self-Mailing Invitations from Amazon
  6. Chinese New Year Rooster and Tree Invitation from Zazzle
  7. Lunar Confetti Invitations from Evite
  8. Chinese New Year Lunar Invitations from Evite

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