Celebrate a Birthday Queen in Quarantine: Fun Party Essentials!

Throw a surprise birthday for the queen in your life with a “Birthday Queen in Quarantine” theme! We gathered simple and funny ways for your to pull off this party with social distancing in mind. From glamorous balloons to cute shirts, get your party essentials and let your birthday queen reign with happiness for the rest of the year. So come on in, pick up a cup of coffee, and enjoy this post (*this post contains affiliate links)!

Birthday Queen in Quarantine Celebration Ideas

Celebrate a Birthday Queen in Quarantine Ideas

Wear a dazzling birthday shirt and tiara on the day of the celebration. Just the gift to start the festivities! Then, place pink and gold mylar balloons by your front porch with a message that are in line with the theme. Incorporate music from your celebrant’s favorite playlist. Singing songs and dancing would be equally fun as well! Bake up a frosty chocolate birthday cake with a whimsical queen theme and present this on the day of the celebration. Lastly, prepare candy wraps in organza filled with chocolate treats. See easy it is to pull off this party!

1 – Sweatshirt via Design Bundles / 2 – Balloons via Amazon / 3 – Cake via Classy Girl Cupcakes / 4 – Tiara via Gina Creates / 5 – Favors via Bellenza

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