Fun Feature: “It’s a Small World” Cupcakes by Make Me My Cake

Your little ones surely love the Disneyland ride It’s a Small World, right? Well, you’re going to oooh and aaah over these darling ‘character cupcakes’ we discovered, inspired by that famed attraction. We just had to feature this great how-to from the talented, Miami-based cake designer Eva Salazar of Make Me My Cake. Who knows? You might even get all excited about throwing an It’s a Small World-themed party real soon!

A Bit of a Back Story…

Before we get to the cupcakes, we just want to thank Eva for reaching out to us with such a warm email—offering for us to feature her wonderful creations. What a sweet surprise! It got even sweeter as we visited her blog posts and browsed through her gallery of occasion cakes and wedding cakes—then spotted her adorable “It’s a Small World” cupcakes. We knew right then that we had a great feature for you, our Party Suite readers!

Not Just Single Cupcakes, But Pairs

Look closely. Yes, each country character below is actually made using 2 cupcakes: one for the head and another for the body. The secret, though, lies in decorating the tops of the cupcake pairs with facial features and costumes to represent a particular country. So clever and cute!

It's a Small World Themed Cupcakes by Make Me My Cake! A Fun Feature from the Party Suite at Bellenza

  • A Beefeater for Britain
  • A ‘Coco’ cabaret girl for France
  • A flamenco dancer for Spain (Eva’s home country)
  • A red-white-and-blue cowgirl for the USA
  • Plus, in the group shot, an adorable doll for China and a colorfully-dressed lady for Africa

On her blog post, Eva shared the ‘orange cupcake’ recipe she used for the basic cupcakes. But we would have loved to learn her techniques and tips for bringing each character to life so ingeniously with fondant pieces!

But you get the idea, right? Decide on the most typical or iconic details for each country, and decorate away! Notice how even the cupcake liners are coordinated with and complete each design?

Alternative Ideas

Are your decorating skills (like most of ours) nowhere near Eva’s? Don’t worry. You can always try simpler characters also using paired cupcakes: teddy bears, clowns, bunnies, baby dolls, robots, snowmen, and the like.

Or instead of creating a whole ‘Small World’ of characters, you might choose just one of these designs for a special occasion. The French dancer, perhaps, for a Parisian-themed bridal shower? Or maybe the Spanish señorita or the Beefeater for a birthday party themed after the celebrant’s country of origin.

In any case, join us in thanking Eva and her Make Me My Cake site for the wonderful ideas and inspiration. So glad she wrote us that email! Oh, and do leave a comment below on which cupcake character above is your fave. Or guess which one is ours!

If you’d like to keep updated on what Eva’s got cooking (or rather baking!), you can follow her via:



  1. These cupcakes are adorable, and genius!

  2. I love these!! Absolutely adorable and such amazing details!

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