Fun Games and Activities for Boys’ Birthday Parties: 10 Ideas!

Try having a little boy’s birthday party with no games or activities, and you’re in for trouble! So in self-defense, it’s best to stock up on ideas for keeping those hyperactive tykes occupied, entertained, and happy come party time.

We know that the web is bursting at the seams with fun, creative activities to suit virtually any theme you can think of. But we thought we’d select 10 fun boy party games and activities that are active, but not too rough (no one wants injuries, bawling kids, or damage to property!). Here they are!

Cool Ideas for a Fun-Filled Party

Birthday games for boys

1, 4, 5 – From a really amazing at-home Carnival-themed party by Be Fickle come these 3 favorites that will never go out of style: Fishing, Ring Toss, and Clown Relay. Actually there were carnival-style booths with lots more activities, complete with themed props. So do check out the full post!

2 – A treasure hunt always gets the kiddos excited! More so when it’s ‘pirate treasure’ they’re searching for! This cool Pirate Treasure Hunt set is available via etsy shop Krown Kreations.

3 – Love this ingenious idea from our friend Kori of Paper and Pigtails. It’s a Racing Game that was part of her son’s Monster Truck party—and used such simple materials (painter’s tape and pool noodles) to mark off the track. Just add cute race cars!

Birthday activites for boys

6 – Amazing what a pile of sand and a selection of toy trucks can do! This “Dig In” Sand Table was a hit at a colorful Construction-themed party we found via Floriday’s Mom. So many delightfully doable ideas in this post, too, if you’re planning a similar theme!

7 – Who doesn’t love Lego? It makes a fantastic party theme, as shown here on Abide With Me, that you can spin off into all kinds of games. From an old favorite modified for the theme, Pin the Head on the Lego Dude (love that title!)—to just plain laying out piles of Lego bricks and letting the boys create away!

8 – Here’s a clever DIY prop for a Baseball Bean Bag Toss created by Ladybird LN. It hangs from a curtain rod, so you can set it up anywhere convenient. And the bean bags are sewn to look like baseballs. But you can certainly reuse this backdrop for different party themes, too!

9 – Robots are another favorite among little lads—plus this theme offers Mom lots of crafty opportunities with recycled household items. So aside from suggesting a Robot Freeze Dance, this post on Kidspot shares some great ideas for robot-related decorations, food, and more activities!

10 – Want to go eco-friendly with your party game props? You can paint and decorate large carton boxes with ‘flaming’ decals, as in this Monster Truck Race shown via etsy shop Poppysmic Bowtique. These exact decals are no longer available, but you get the idea, right?


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  2. I will be using that robot idea for my son’s birthday! He is turning 7!

    • That should be a fun party! Robots are a very popular theme for boy’s b-day parties.

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