Hand Sanitizer Baby Shower Favor Sayings

Thinking of cute favors that serve double duty? Give hand sanitizers with personalized sayings! Find your favorite sayings and be inspired to create your own saying in the most personal and meaningful way. Here are 5 adorable ideas for you to choose from!

Hand Sani Baby Shower Favor Tag Sayings

  1. Before you meet our little cutie, be sure to wipe away your cooties! Via Kendoll Made
  2. Before you meet our little cuties, make sure to wash away your cooties! Via Pinterest
  3. Sanitize before snuggles! Via Pinterest
  4. Sprinkle a little sanitizer in your hands for more snuggles! As seen on Etsy
  5. What PURE joy to welcome this HANDsome boy via Style Mitten

We’re adding five of our own unique sayings for you!

Hand Sanitizer Favor Sayings

  1. Bring the joy…not the germs!
  2. Make the germs go away, but keep the love!
  3. Our little cutie thanks you for not bringing your cooties
  4. Thanking you for keeping the love & not the germs
  5. Keep this little bottle from our BIG bundle of joy!

Check out our post over at the Wedding Bistro for creative ideas and tips on giving hand sanitizer favors.

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