Holiday Gift Ideas with a Practical Purpose!

Gift-giving during the holidays can be a real challenge. Especially when you want to show your recipients that you’ve put a lot of thought into buying just the right gifts for them—rather than something that appears generic. It’s the holidays after all! So, why not give gifts that are meaningful and practical? Here are 10 sensible ideas to get your holiday shopping list started.

Scarves and Gloves – for the ski bunny

Winter gloves and scarves as practical gift ideas for Christmas

For friends or loved ones who’ll be hitting the slopes for the ski season, help them accessorize in style! Gift them with a snuggly scarf or a pair of knitted woolen gloves. Or perhaps a ski bonnet or ear muffs.

Cosmetic Sachets – for the girl who loves to be pretty

Cosmetic gift pouches for the girl who loves to be pretty!

Winter time also means holiday time—with a whole string of events to get prettied up for! So give your girl friends makeup must-haves, like lipstick and a palette of pastel shades for the eyes and cheeks, all tucked into a dainty embroidered pouch.

Champagne bucket with flutes – for the host

Silver bucket of champagne with flutes as practical Christmas gifts

To thank a gracious host or hostess, a pair of elegant champagne flutes and a sleek ice bucket would make a most appreciated gift. Sure to be put to good use throughout the holiday festivities!

Statement rings – for the fashionista

Statement rings for the fashionista

Bling is definitely in order for this season of celebration. Surprise a dear sister who’s the ‘family fashionista’ with a selection of statement rings, in designs from flowery to geometric to suit different looks!

Miniature framed art prints – for the art lover

Miniature framed art prints as creative gifts for the holidays

Antique-style gold frames give even simple art prints or vintage postcards that look of Old World opulence. Mom, grandma, or a special aunt would surely be delighted to receive these as lovely keepsakes.

More gift-giving ideas:

  1. Cookbooks, gadgets, and spices – for the kitchen goddess
  2. Smart phone accessories – for the mobile nerd
  3. Desk accessories – for the home-based blogger
  4. Craft organizers – for the crafty chick
  5. Coffee mug sets – for the student

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