How to Set Up A Lemonade Stand-inspired Dessert Table!

Few things bring back nostalgic summer memories better than a lemonade stand. No wonder, then, that this is such a hugely popular theme for toddlers’ birthdays, baby showers, and other joyful occasions! And the perfect showcase for this is a bright and beautiful Dessert Table. See how you can set up one yourself—with ideas from real parties, decorating supplies, and lemon dessert ingredients!

Inspiration: Bright & Beautiful Lemonade-themed Dessert Tables

Beautiful Lemonade-themed Dessert Tables | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza. #lemonthemedparty #lemonadedesserttables

Outdoors or indoors. Fancy or simple. Fall in love with these oh-so-charming dessert tables we found:

1 – Truly living up to its name, a “Sweet and Sunny” party by Parties on a Pedestal—using their lemonade-themed printable collection.
2 – A giant balloon with a fringe tassel, plus cheery paper-fans dress up this Pink Lemonade Party by Deliciously Darling Events, via Frog Prince Paperie.
3 – Check out all the sweet DIY elements in this real, at-home 1st Birthday Party, featured on A Blissful Nest.
4 – Pretty pink and yellow flowers, paper fans, real lemons, plus printables by Anders Ruff grace this gorgeous Pink Lemonade Stand Party, showcased on their blog.
5 – Pink Lemonade First Birthday Party Package – from etsy shop PinwheelLane (unfortunately, the item is no longer available, but you can always inquire with the seller)
6 – Ready-made printables like this Lemonade Stand Kit from etsy shop Sweet Sosbee Designs (image via Giggles Galore) can create an instant party scene!
7- An actual Lemonade Stand, fresh flowers, and adorable treats highlight an intimate at-home party for a little birthday girl. See all the prettiness on Pumpkin and Rose.

Supplies to Setup a Lemonade-themed Dessert Table

Lemonade stand supplies| as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza. #lemonthemedparty #lemonadedesserttables

Now, with all that inspiration, gather these basic elements to create your own table. Then just add the sweet treats!

1 – Lemon-print paper plates, from Zazzle
2 – Cupcake stand, from The Cake Girls
3 – 3D paper fan banner, from Southern Belle’s Charm on etsy
4 – Lemon-cutouts bunting, from Courtney Orillion on etsy
5 – Yellow pattern cupcake wrappers, from When It Rains Paper
6 – Wooden crates to simulate a lemonade stand, from Hobby Lobby
7 – Cupcake flags, from M Paper Designs on etsy
8 – Mason jar drinking glasses with yellow daisy lids, from The Sugar Diva

Make Your Own Lemon-themed Treats: Products You’ll Need

Lemon desserts ingredients | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza. #lemonthemedparty #lemonadedesserttables

Setting up a lemonade stand dessert table is a lot of work! Here are some helpful products for the treats you’ll serve:

1 – Signature Lemon Supreme Cake MixDuncan Hines
2 – Betty Crocker Supreme Bars Lemon MixTarget
3 – Lemon Poppyseed Scones MixSticky Fingers Bakeries
4 – Pillsbury™ Creamy Supreme® Lemon Flavored FrostingPillsbury Baking
5 – Lemonhead® Lemon CandiesFerrara Candy Company
6 – Lemonade mix, packaged with printables, from The Partiologist
7 – Lemon-flavored SugarKing Arthur Flour
8 – No-Bake Lemon Meringue Pie DessertJell-O

You’re all set! Have a blast setting up your own Lemonade Stand-inspired Dessert Table!

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  1. What adorable parties and just love the theme!

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