Snow Themed Activities for Indoor Wintertime Parties

Expecting “weather out there that’s frightful”? Or never having any snow at all where you live? No worries! You can bring the snowtime fun indoors any time during the winter months—whether it’s for a 1st birthday party with a winter woodland theme or a pre-teen’s snowboarding or hockey themed party. Or simply as part of your holiday time with the kids.

Recreate the thrill of the snow-covered season without the biting chill. Have snow-themed activities to keep the youngsters happily occupied while cozy and warm right at home! See the 8 ideas we’ve gathered—from DIY ones made from available materials to kid-friendly crafts to ready-made games you can order online. “Let it snow” indeed! (*this post contains affiliate links)

8 Fun Ideas for Winter Party Games and Family Time

Depending on the ages of your children, you can choose which of these snow-themed activities they’d enjoy most. Or have them do all 8, with a little tweaking to suit their interests and skill levels!

Game Gifts and Crafts

Fun snow themed party activities such as indoor snowball fights and gameboards

1 – DIY Indoor Snowball Fight Kit (from Artsy Fartsy Mama)

We love how this is both a great game and gift idea in one! For a party, you can organize an indoor snowball fight with these goofy-faced plush snowballs. Or you can have your kids help assemble these kits to give as gifts—with the snowballs,  plastic snowflake mugs filled with silver and blue chocolates and snowman-themed treats all packaged in a galvanized pail trimmed with white pom poms.

2 – Doily Snowman Craft (from Easy Peasy and Fun)

Even the littlest ones can manage this easy craft. On a blue paper background, help them glue on white doilies for the snowman head and body. Then add details with colored art paper, buttons, and wiggly eye stickers. Use them as wintertime decor, or give them as cards.

Snow-themed Party Games You Can Buy or DIY

3 – Frosty the Snowman Christmas Journey Board Game (available on Amazon)

All ready to play, this board game has players help Frosty travel through an icy winter wonderland to reach the North Pole and find Santa. Great for a kiddie party or family fun night.

4 – Pin the Nose on the Snowman Activity (from Living Well Mom)

Crafted from easily available materials, this promises lots of laughter for the kiddos. Foam board is cut into 3 sized circles for the snowman form. Then, decorated with large googly eyes, 3 big buttons, and a napkin or piece of fabric for a muffler—plus colored paper for the carrot noses to “pin” on!

5 – Roll a Snowman Printable Game (from Real Housemoms)

With help from the printables provided, print out enough game sheets and snowman shapes to cut out for each party guest. Just add 1 die per player. Then let them roll the dice to add each body part and feature. The first to complete the snowman wins.

6 – Snowman Blow Dart – Minute to Win It Game (from Housing a Forest)

Super-easy to put together, this game just needs plastic cups to stack, black marker for the features, orange paper for the noses, and straws to blow out cotton buds to knock down the stacked “snowmen.”

7 – Cardboard Box Snowman Bean Bag Toss Game (from Intelligent Domestications)

This traditional lawn game moves indoors and gets a winter look. Cardboard boxes in graduated sizes have holes cut out, then a coat of white spray paint. Black and orange markers draw in the eyes and carrot nose. Then, the tossing begins with bean bags or small stuffed balls.

8 – Brain Games Snowman Dice (available from Macy’s)

Another ready-made game you can order online, this set has players simultaneously roll their dice of snowman parts to each build a complete figure. They then race one another to the North Pole, while avoiding the other players flicking snowballs to knock them over!

Now, being indoors over the winter months seems pretty inviting, don’t you think?