Stylish Thanksgiving Disposable Plates for Stress-free Entertaining!

Stylish Thanksgiving for Stress-free Entertaining

Stylish Thanksgiving for Stress-free Entertaining

Feel less stressed this Thanksgiving by serving your dinner with the loveliest disposable dinnerware. After all, every host needs a little break every now and then, right? Definitely!  We are bringing you these 10 elegant, disposable plates for a casual Thanksgiving. Shhh! We won’t tell that these are disposable plates, which is something that we are most grateful for when planning one of the biggest holidays of the year. (*this post contain affiliate links)

 10 Elegant Thanksgiving Paper Plates for Your Dinner Party

Find a style that suits your taste from harvest to minimalist and modern to sophisticated plate designs rendered beautifully. We are sure you’ll find something perfect for celebrating your Thanksgiving dinner, so you can spend more time counting your blessings and less time cleaning up!

Gold foil dinner plate for thanksgiving

1 – “Give Thanks” in Gold Foil – Pretty with a modern flair that is perfect for a Friendsgiving celebration with a casual vibe. Available on Wayfair by Amscan.

Colorful fall leaves for Thanksgiving paper plates

2 – Rustic Fall Leaves – A plate design ideal for a traditional autumn look bearing multi-colored leaves in hues of orange, gold, and yellow green coupled with little acorns. Available on Wayfair.

Turkey with gold borders on paper plate.

3 – Thanksgiving Turkey with Gold Borders – Such a festive plate that captures a very traditional Thanksgiving look for your tablescape. Available on Amazon.


4 – “Give Thanks” in Gold Font with Autumn Leaves and Acorns – An elegant ivory paper plate with a charming beaded border. Available on Amazon.

New Image

5 – Turkey with Floral Border Design and Gold Trimming – A fancy paper plate by Caspari  that delivers sophistication and convenience all in one!  Available on Amazon.


6 – Hexagon Peach Blush with Gold Foil – Ideal for a modern Friendsgiving party with hints of boho glam decorations. By Harlow & Grey on Amazon.


7 – Whimsical Fall Hexagon Disposable Plate – Colorful fall foliage, acorns, and ferns give this plate a fun, modern appeal. Available on Amazon.


8 – “Thankful” with Fall Leaves and Acorns – The gold edging of this paper plate give it a carefree vibe for a relaxing Thanksgiving buffet.


9 – “Thankful & Grateful” Plate – Throw a chic Thanksgiving party with an edgy color palette of black and gold. Find this on Zazzle.


10 – Hanging Fall Leaves with Customized Text – Add personalized text  with your family’s surname, including a Thanksgiving message. Find this on Zazzle.

Elegant Thanksgiving Paper Plates



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