Unique and Unusual Cake Stands to DIY…or Buy!

Cake stands are almost food styling musts at any special occasion these days. Even the simplest of cakes in whatever size can get that added wow factor from the stand or pedestal it’s displayed on! So we thought, wouldn’t it be fun to share ideas for stands you’d love to buy—or recreate yourselves, if you’re so inclined? Here are 7 unique and even unusual options to start your own cake stand collection perhaps?

See What You Can Use for Making Cake Stands!

Ideas for how to make cake stands using materials from tea saucers to candle sticks to clay pots!

1 – Repurposed candlesticks – Grab this idea featured on With This Ring Weddings (credited to Iacoli & McAllister). Dig up old candlesticks, paint them in bright, playful colors, then glue on wooden disks or trays. Ta-da! Whimsical display stands for your baked goodies!

2 – Handpainted vintage stands – As explained on Before the Big Day, these lovely pastel pieces are actually vintage glass stands given new life with a ‘permanent glass glaze wash.’ You may be able to find a tutorial for this process online. Or why not buy some from supplier Marsh Home on etsy?

3 – Teacups and saucers – Etsy shops like Le Petit Pretties offer the most charming cake pedestals made from vintage china. You could purchase these for your party, or make your own. Find pretty patterned cups and saucers (even mismatched ones) at thrift shops or antique stores, and glue them as shown.

4 – DIY jewelled cake stand – If it’s a chic and sparkly cake display you’re aiming for, The Silly Pearl has this surprisingly easy and affordable option. Simply glam up a plain cake stand, using self-stick bling, rhinestones, and crystal charms. Just look at the stunning result!

5 – Clay pots as cake stands – You’re probably captivated by that lalaloopsy ferris wheel topper on this cake we found via My Sweet Little Family. But take a look below it at the super-clever and cute stand. It’s a clay pot—simply upturned and cheerily painted!

6 – Vinyl record stand – Throwing a retro bash or a disco dance party? These cake plates made from actual vinyl records, discovered on Oh Happy Day, would be so cool! No need to worry about damaging the records with food spills, they’re sandwiched between clear plexiglass acrylic sheets custom-cut to fit.

7 – DIY rustic cupcake stand – How perfect is this project for a woodland party or any rustic-themed event! Thanks to a fun tutorial on Root and Blossom, you can recreate this stand yourself using wood rounds (store-bought or salvaged from your backyard) and wooden ‘furniture feet’ available at hardware stores.

If you happen to have DIYed a cake stand as clever and creative as these, do share about it in the comments below. Or send us some photos via email to bellenzabistro [at] gmail [dot] com. We’d love to feature a project by one of our readers!

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