Wacky and Whimsical Birthday Cake Ideas for Women!

Why should kids have all the fun with their birthday cakes? Ladies are often still little girls at heart. So they’d be just as thrilled as ever to be surprised with a fun and fanciful birthday cake—especially one that captures their faves and fetishes, or even pokes fun at their ‘getting on in years’!

No worries if the decorating isn’t picture-perfect and the details aren’t polished. The sentiment behind the whimsically-themed creation is what truly matters! Just take a look at the examples we found—from chic to cool to crazy!

Cake Creations for the ‘Young at Heart’ Birthday Girl

Wacky and Whimsical Birthday Cakes for Women with Themes Inspired by Fashion, Makeup, Food, Hobbies, and Flowers.

Need some sweet inspiration for a special lady’s big day coming up? Well, we did a quick survey of the most popular designs for women’s ‘novelty’ cakes. And these are the common themes we noted for you to choose from:

Fashion accessories – We spotted a whole array of cakes sporting the hottest designer bags (#5) and shoes (#1), stylish hats, and fancy jewelry from pearl necklaces to diamond rings to vintage brooches.

Makeup and perfume – Replicas of makeup kits (#2) are quite a hit, too, with tiny brushes, lipsticks, pencils, and blushers. As are perfume and cologne bottles, either mimicking their original designer packaging or presented in ornate vintage-style containers.

Dresses and gowns – Ladies attire, from Lily Pulitzer shift dresses to elegant ballgowns (#7) to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic ‘little black dress,’ are also seen gracing special occasion cakes. Choose a look that expresses the birthday lady’s personal fashion statement!

Hobbies – You name the hobby, and there’s a cake out there featuring it! So whatever the celebrant is into—sports and fitness, travel, gardening, cooking and baking, reading, scuba diving, dancing, photography, or the all-time favorite shopping (#3)—you can have a custom cake to celebrate it.

Flowers and food – For those with more traditional tastes, there’s no end to the cake designs featuring breathtakingly beautiful florals in every variety and color, and for whatever season. As well as those depicting such refined pastimes as enjoying fine wines or serving tea (#6).

Milestone markers – Finally, there are birthday cakes that announce the honoree’s age—whether with a number topper, a festive banner or bunting, or a humorous little vignette starring her miniature look-alike (#4)!

So which cake design do you think will make the birthday lady laugh aloud, clap her hands in delight, or maybe even get a little teary-eyed? That’s the one to surprise her with!

Image credits:

1 – Prada shoe cake, by Once Upon a Cake
2 – makeup-themed cake and intro pic, by Baking Maniac
3 – lady on the couch with gifts cake, by CMNY Cakes
4 – Forty and Fabulous cake, by Cakes by SSN
5 – Hermes Birkin bag cake, by Celebrate With Cake
6 – teapot cake, by How 2 Cakes
7 – pink ombre ruffle dress cake, by Bubble and Sweet

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  1. These are all so much fun!! I’d love to have any one of them!

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