20 Valentine’s Cupcake Ideas for a Cupcake Decorating Party

What would a cupcake decorating party for Valentine’s be without the most delightful and doable ways to dress up those Love Day treats? So we made sure you’d have more than enough decorating inspiration right in this post. From scrumptious recipes for the base cupcakes to be used at your party, all the way to ideas for frosting, using fresh fruit, garnishing with edible or handmade toppers, and choosing wrappers and holders—all themed for Valentine’s!

Depending on the age range of your party guests, take your pick from the 20 cupcake ideas below for which decorating approach will be the most fun and manageable. How-to’s, tips and suggested supplies are in each link!

Valentine’s Cupcakes with Candy Toppers

Valentine's cupcake candy toppers

Both for you as party host and for your guests, candy toppers are probably the easiest way to go. You can opt for store-bought candies, like conversation hearts (1), big heart sprinkles (2), or candy confetti (5) as finishing touches for pre-frosted cupcakes. Or make your own melted chocolate “calligraphy” (3, 4) spelling out sweet words and phrases.

Visit these source posts for the delicious details:

1 & 2 – Valentines’ Day cupcakes, from House of Yumm

3 – Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, from Life Love and Sugar

4 – Chocolate cupcakes with red velvet frosting + melted chocolate toppers from A Spicy Perspective

5 – Pink confetti cupcakes, from Your Cup of Cake

Valentine’s Cupcakes with Fresh Fruits

Cupcakes with Fresh Fruits Like Cherries and Strawberries

Fruit flavors for the base cupcakes are sure to be a party hit! Plus fresh fruits and berries as garnishes and toppers are a great way to bring in that Valentine red to your cupcake decorating. Luscious strawberries, for instance, hint at heart shapes—whether used whole (1) or sliced (4). Cherries (2, 5) have that irresistible candy-like appeal. And raspberries (3) are just so pretty as a finishing touch!

Be sure to click on to these posts for the recipes and how-to’s:

1 – Easy strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream, from My Baking Addiction

2 – Cherry cordial chocolate cupcakes, from Cooking Classy

3 – Lemon cupcakes with fresh raspberry buttercream, from What Jessica Baked Next

4 – Strawberry crepe cupcakes, from Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

5 – Chocolate cherry amaretto cupcakes, from Make Bake Celebrate

Valentine’s Cupcakes with Edible Toppers

Valentine's cupcakes with love

Aside from store-bought candies and fresh fruits, you can make edible toppers ahead for party guests to trim their cupcakes with! Glitter always adds a glam factor, whether in royal icing letters coated with disco dust (1) or in bright red glitter hearts (3). If you’re good with fondant, you could make clever “letter blocks” (2) mimicking chemical elements like these or maybe Scrabble tiles; or else striped and polka-dot hearts (4). Or there’s always the option of using candy melts to free-hand your own heart accents (5).

Do stop by these posts for how to create your own toppers:

1 – Valentine’s {Love} Cupcakes, from Sweetopia

2 – Geeky love cupcake toppers, from Sweet Petite

3 – Glitter heart toppers, from The Pastry Studio via The Cake Blog

4 – Cherry love cupcakes with fondant toppers, from Sweet Delisse

5 – Heart accents for cupcakes, from My Baking Addiction

Valentine’s Cupcakes with Creative Wrappers and Holders

Valentine's cupcake wrappers and holders

A final option we found that will mean even more decorating party fun is to have creative wraps, holders and DIY accents on hand. For instance, how darling are these tea cup holders (1) for presenting cupcakes in? Paper toppers made with circle cutouts (3) you can either design yourself or download from online vendors, just like these printable cupcake wrappers and toppers (4). A playful touch would be to craft “Cupid’s arrows” (2) out of glitter paper and sticks, while repurposed 3D letters (5) could be painted and decorated to serve as composite toppers for several cupcakes!

Check out the full posts behind these clever finds:

1 – Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (in tea cup holders), from Chef-in-Training

2 – Chocolate Cupid’s cupcakes, from Styled by Belle

3 – Red velvet surprise cupcakes with white chocolate icing (with paper toppers), from Love Swah

4 – Cupcake recipe, wrapper and topper, from The DIY Dreamer

5 – DIY “Love” cupcake topper, from Celebrations.com

With inspiration like all these above, your Valentine’s cupcake decorating party is sure to be a huge success. We’d love to be invited!

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