BBQ Catering Services with Ethnic Flavors in the Los Angeles Area

Bent on enjoying that must-have summer BBQ with family and friends? But too hot to spend time in front of a grill, or no outdoor space for you to do your own grilling? Keep cool! For those in the LA area, we found these 8 BBQ catering services that offer grilled specialties with Argentinian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Brazilian, Jamaican, Hawaiian, Philippine, or Korean flavors! The perfect chance to try something new and exciting, grilled to perfection by ethnic food experts. Not Los Angeles based? Search for similar BBQ catering services in your location, and enjoy!

1 – The Gauchos Catering (Argentinian)

The Gauchos Catering

The Gauchos Catering offers a widely varied menu of authentic Argentinian BBQ featuring pork, lamb, chicken, ribs, and sausage cooked over a wood fire. They also have a selection of salads to complement your BBQ choices.

2 – Souk Shawarma (Middle Eastern)

Souk Shawarma bbq

Take a look at Souk Shawarma’s 3 catering packages for a minimum of 8 persons, priced at $11.99, $14.99, and $19.99 per person. You can choose a combination of their regular entrees (chicken, beef, gyro, falafel), premium entrees (lamb, duck, soujouk, merguez, vegan shawarma, salmon kefta), regular mezze (hummus, baba ganoush, potato salad, Mediterranean salad), and premium mezze (avocado hummus, tzatziki, tabbouleh, roasted cauliflower).

3 – Shao Kao BBQ (Chinese)

Shao Kao BBQ (Chinese)

Shao Kao BBQ promises local seafood, farm meats, and market vegetables perfectly seasoned with their secret-salt blend, then roasted over traditional kiln-crafted Japanese binchotan charcoal. See their catering menu here that offers a Steak Combo, Chicken Wing Combo, and a Big Kids Combo. While for special events, you may consider hiring their fully-outfitted food truck – the only one in Los Angeles permitted to cook with charcoal!

4 – Silvio’s BBQ (Brazilian)

Silvio’s BBQ (Brazilian)

“Blazing Brazilian BBQ” is how Silvio’s touts its catering packages – Brasilia, Copacabana, Big Rio, and Carnaval, ranging from $12.99/person to $24.99/person. Each package features increasing options in your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or fish along with salads, Brazilian rice, black beans, and dinner rolls. Plus an array of Brazilian appetizers to add on.

5 – The Tropic Truck (Jamaican)

 The Tropic Truck Jamaican BBQ

An ideal option for a tropical-themed BBQ would be The Tropic Truck’s Jamaican flavors! These come via a selection of BBQ bowls featuring jerk veggie, jerk chicken, roasted pork, jumbo shrimp, and Angus ribeye. Each bowl comes with saffron rice, black beans, sweet plantains, pico de gallo, and fresh red cabbage salad.

6 – Ono Hawaiian BBQ

 Ono Hawaiian BBQ

For a Hawaiian take on “tropical,” check out the offerings of Ono Hawaiian BBQ. They have set Party Packages for groups of 10-12 people up to 95-100 people – with entree choices of Hawaiian BBQ Chicken or Beef, Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Chicken, Kalua Pork with Cabbage, Island White Fish, and Island Fire Chicken all served with salad, rice, and Crab Rangoon. Specials available are Grilled Chicken Breast, Kalbi Short Ribs, and Crispy Shrimp.

7 – The Park’s Finest (Filipino-American)

The Park’s Finest (Filipino-American

“American cuts of BBQ with a Filipino flavor.” That’s what The Park’s Finest serves up on its menu that includes sweet-spicy link sausages, roast chicken, slow-smoked pork ribs, slow-roasted pork shoulder, season-crusted sirloin beef, coconut beef, smoked beef ribs – many of these served with owner “Big Tony’s” sauce that combines cane, pineapple, soy sauce, peppers and spices. For group catering, ask about their “Lola” (grandma) and “Lolo” (grandpa) trays depending on the number of persons to be served.

8 – Kogi BBQ (Korean with a Mexican Twist)


Kogi BBQ not only boasts of A-list clientele from Los Angeles’ corporate, entertainment, and media world, but a definitely flavorful combination of Korean and Mexican faves! Just see this selection: Short Rib Taco and Burrito; tacos and burritos with spicy pork, chicken, or tofu filling; Kogi Dog, Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, Kogi Sliders, Calamari Taco, Blue Moon Mulita, Blackjack Quesadilla, Pacman Burger, and Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadilla. Their Kogi Truck is also for hire for private and corporate events.

No more ho-hum summer BBQ menu items, thanks to catering services like these amazing 8 we’ve featured!

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