Chinese New Year’s Party: Treats and Desserts to Serve!

Intrigued by the whole idea of a Lunar New Year and how it’s celebrated by the Chinese community? You can definitely share in the fun! Check out our full Party Guide on how to mark this special holiday with ideas for decorations, food, and party favors. And speaking of food, we thought you’d love to find how to make and where to find authentic Chinese treats and desserts. These would be great to serve at a party or simply to delight family members with at home!

Authentic Treats for Chinese New Year’s

Pineapple. Almond. Clementine. Sesame seeds. Such enticing flavors and ingredients that are favorites at any Chinese-themed occasion! And they can find their way right to your party buffet or your family dinner table through these delicious goodies. Just click on the links for the recipes!

Chinese New Year Treats and Desserts From Pineapple Tart to Almond Jelly!

1 – Almond cookies with crunch, from Bread et Butter – These iconic Chinese New Year cookies are made with ground almonds, and described as having “a nice crunchy/firm exterior, with a slight melty interior.” Sounds delish to us!

2 – Cookies with salted egg yolk, from Messy Witchen – Hhmmm…these may sound strangely exotic. But the recipe post assures us their “savory-a li’l salty-crunchy” flavor is “very addicting”! And don’t you just love the crescent cookie shape?

3 – Pineapple tarts, from My Kitchen Snippets – Pineapples are a lucky symbol in Chinese culture. So you’ll be delighted to see all the moulds and shapes you can use to create these buttery jam-topped treats!

4 – Almond butter cookies, from Food 4 Tots – The source post admits this is not an ‘authentic’ Chinese almond cookie recipe. But it offers a hassle-free way to still enjoy the buttery cookie goodness topped with a crunchy roasted almond.

5 – Clementine jello, from Ricardo Cuisine – Clementines, or those sweet tiny oranges, provide the refreshing flavor for this chilled dessert. Just follow the simple recipe, using freshly-squeezed juice or store-bought.

6 – Pineapple cakes, from Eat the Love – “A richer, more luscious pineapple version of Fig Newtons” is how the source post describes these bite-size goodies. Fascinatingly, the traditional recipe has been modified here into rosemary and vanilla-infused honey pineapple cakes!

7 – Smiling sesame-ball cookies, from Chateleine – A Chinese New Year staple symbolizing happiness and laughter, these “crispy on the outside, pillowy-soft on the inside” bites actually do look like little smiling faces!

8 – Almond jelly, from China Sichuan Food – This delicately-flavored gelatin dessert is sometimes described as “the Chinese version of panna cotta.” A light and cool treat to end a meal, it can be served with sweeteners like fruit or jam.

Aren’t these choices just so tempting and fascinating? Choose a couple of them to enjoy as you wish one another good fortune in the New Lunar Year!

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