Cool Halloween Cocktails: Ideas on How to Make Them Spookily Stunning!

If there’s one holiday when you can really stretch your creativity, it’s Halloween. In fact, you can stretch it all the way to your party drinks—where ghastly is good, and horrifying is even better! So are you planning a grownup Halloween bash with cocktails to be served? Or a family affair with mocktails for the kiddos? Either way, the decorating possibilities are equally exciting. Check out this inspiration for adding a dash of creepiness to every glass!

Decorate Your Drinks for That Eerie Effect

We start off with 6 pretty sophisticated Halloween cocktail looks we found. Sort of on the elegant side of eerie! Then we’ll be tossing in a few of our own ideas and tips for conjuring up more ‘extreme’ effects for your drinks—all in good fun, of course!

Cool Halloween Cocktail Ideas | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza

For an adults-only party, you can actually serve any of your favorite traditional cocktails. The twist will come with the presentation!

Serve your drinks in black martini glasses (1) with decorative stirrers, maybe tipped with tiny skulls, black cats, or bats. Then amaze your guests with LED ice cubes that will actually light up, flash on and off, or even change colors!

Orange is a traditional Halloween color (2). So any cocktail that includes orange juice or that you can tint with orange food coloring will work just fine. Or dig up a recipe that calls for layering of different liquids, so you can work in other creepy colors like ‘slime green,’ ‘deathly white,’ or ‘blood red’ (3)!

Garnishes are an excellent (and easy) way to scarify your drinks (4). Just add colored sugar or salt to the glass rims, then pop on a themed accent. Think plastic spiders, white chocolate ‘bones,’ or that Halloween classic, candy corn (perfect for this example which is a Candy Corn Cocktail).

Concoct a witch’s brew—or at least it’s look-alike—with a dramatic smoke effect (5)! To create that eerily swirling mist, the secret ingredient is dry ice. It must be handled with great care, though. So please read this post on how to use dry ice effectively (and safely) in your Halloween drinks.

Finally, serving your drinks with clever props is sure to intrigue your guests. How cool is this witch’s broomstick (6) made from a pretzel stick with candy bristles? (Someone please correct us if that isn’t candy!) You could also have a mini cauldron filled with peanuts alongside each glass, or a wizard’s hat topper, or a pile of tiny candy pumpkins.

5 More Drink Decorating Tips: From Fun to Frightful

Tip #1: Choose glassware and containers to suit the theme. These could range from elegant champagne flutes and wine glasses, to martini glasses in black or red, to more grisly choices like test tubes or laboratory beakers.

Tip #2: Stir things up in spooky style. Swizzle sticks are both useful and decorative in one. You can just buy a pack of plain ones, either black or clear, and glue on any scary accent you wish. A super-easy way to get that “Eeeeek!” effect.

Tip #3: Bring on the gore. Depending on how game your guests will be, now’s your chance to let things get really bloody! We’re thinking faux body parts, like eyeballs (plastic or made from lychees or pearl onions) or severed fingers; dripping blood made from strawberry or raspberry puree; and artificial bones and fangs.

Tip #4: Give your drinks haunting names. Even the most familiar or harmless of beverages can get a menacing twist by simply being given a creative name. Work in terms like witch, wizard, warlock, black cat, goblin, ghoul, zombie, ghost, spectre, spirit(s), blood(y), frightful, creepy, brew, potion, poison, serum…you get the idea! Put these on labels at the drinks station and expect some great guest reactions.

Tip #5: Go whimsical and playful. If the party will include children, serve fruit juices or smoothies colored orange, red, or green. Then garnish them with Halloween cookies, cotton-candy cobwebs, gummy worms, candy corn, black and red licorice, or popcorn.

Ready to pour on the Halloween spirit into those party drinks? We trust these ideas have been horrifyingly helpful!

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4 – Candy Corn Vodka Cocktail, by A Night Owl
5 – Smoking Martinis, image by Kidder Gallery
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