Fire Up the Grill for a Baseball-themed Father’s Day BBQ!

What do baseball, a backyard BBQ, and Father’s Day have in common? Summer, of course! And this post right here on a Baseball-themed Father’s Day BBQ! While we do have an earlier fun Father’s Day backyard BBQ post. And another on fab ideas for a baseball-themed birthday party. Now, we’re going for a triple play by combining all 3 elements in one celebration for Dad’s special day!

Even simple party ideas—as long as they are carefully planned for a themed effect—can have you hitting it out of the park with this Father’s Day fest. So get ready as we pitch you these finds for ballpark-inspired party food, plus a great gift idea for Dad! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Baseball-themed Ideas for a Father’s Day BBQ: From Recipes to a Gift

Baseball-themed Food Ideas for a Father's Day BBQ

Set the backyard BBQ scene with an Americana-inspired tablescape, where baseball accents will fit right in. Like this tabletop Gibson Home Baseball BBQ Grill (1 – available on Amazon).

Then, prepare hearty, Dad-fave cookout dishes like Pit Beef Sandwiches (2 – recipe from Kingsford)—plus other burger recipes hot off the grill,

For sides, serve up all-stars like sweet n’ spicy Easy Baked Beans (3 – recipe from Campbell’s), corn meal-filled Hush Puppies (4 – recipe from McCormick), and buttery Grilled Corn (5 – Foreman Grill Recipes). Plus, for some munchies, have easy ballpark snacks and treats on hand, too.

For dessert, how can you go wrong with ice cream sundaes served in Baseball Helmet Snack Bowls (6 – available on Amazon)? Have refreshing summer drinks like How to Host a Modern Iced Tea Party This Summer! and old-time favorites like root beer!Super easy and summer perfect! 

Oh, and don’t forget presents for Dad! The little ones could handcraft cute Father’s Day printable gifts for him. While Mom and the older kids could buy him cool gadgets for grillin’ and chillin’, plus this fab Kingsford Taste of the Game Barbecue Cookbook (7 – available on Amazon), featuring recipes inspired by Major League Baseball.

Dad’s gonna love all this! Happy Father’s Day! 

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