Homemade Christmas Cakes: Sweet, Simple, and Stylish!

With Christmas come cakes! But it’s not just about fruit cakes anymore, either. There’s now an amazing array of flavors and styles that make Christmas cakes all the more special at this time of the year. From coconut to gingerbread to black forest cherry, we’re featuring our favorite finds to help you plan your holiday dessert table. So, pour your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and have a slice or two of cake!

Bake Up a Homemade Christmas Cake!

Homemade Christmas Cakes that are Sweet, Simple, and Stylish.

Beyond flavor, these cakes are definitely high on style yet still very doable. Come holiday party time, just remember to find a striking cake stand and add decorative accents to liven up the presentation!

Image/recipe credits:

1 – Blue Velvet Coconut Torte – Betty Crocker
2 – Black Forest Yule Stump Cake – Chow.com
3 – Black Forest Cherry Cake with Christmas ornament – Kuchen Kult
4 – Chocolate Spiced Christmas Cake – Yuppie Chef
5 – Gingerbread Birthday Cake – Mbakes Blog
6 – Lemon Marzipan Drizzle Cake – Woman and Home

Looking for more ideas on creating your holiday cake? Try these simple recipes for:

  1. Bundt de Noël (Christmas Morning Coffee Cake) – Anson Mills
  2. Gluten-Free Chocolate Yule Log – King Arthur Flour Company
  3. Classic Victoria Sponge Cake – Tesco

Be sure to check out our post on unique and unusual cake stands! You may be surprised at what you can use to present your homemade creation this Christmas!

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