Hot Dogs Go Gourmet: A Summer Party for Grownups!

Who says hot dogs are just for kids? Give them a flavorful gourmet spin and they’re ‘grownup’ enough for a summertime cookout or grill party for adults, too! That’s right. Just toss in some fancy ingredients, pair them with glammed-up chips and corn on the cob, and give them a refreshing finish with sangria and fruity ice pops. Click on the links for the recipes. And we didn’t forget the fun invites and favors either!

Hot Dog Party Ideas with a Gourmet Spin

Fire up the grill for these delectable recipes to serve at the party!

A hot dogs party with a gourmet twist! #hotdogsparty

White wine sangria (1) – Follow the recipe from Garlic My Soul for this popular summer cocktail—fruity and so refreshing!
Skinny gourmet hot dogs (2) – See how Skinny Mom combines turkey hot dogs, whole wheat buns, skinny slaw, and reduced-fat cheese and chips for a healthier option.
Hot dog station (3) – Let guests have fun piling on their choice of fixin’s, with an inviting setup like this one found via Elizabeth Bryant.
Coconut mango popsicles (4) – Impress guests with these tropical-fruit ice pops from The Little Epicurean.
Mexican corn on the cob with feta (6) – Pull a surprise with this fancy take on a grill party classic, from My Fussy Eater.
Bruschetta hot dogs (7) – Cherry tomatoes and fresh basil make these both yummy and party-pretty! Visit Thoughtfully Simple for the recipe.
Rosemary olive oil potato chips (8) – Hot dogs must come with chips, right? Take them up a notch with this gourmet version from Food Network.

Make this a truly fun event from start to finish. Send out themed party invitations (5) like this one from Paper Culture. Then as the party comes to an end, delight everyone with favors like these retro-design fridge magnets (9) from Blue Crab Magnets on etsy.

Quick! With these great ideas, there’s still time to throw a Hot Dog Cookout before summer ends!

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