How to Host a Cake Tasting Party: The Sweet Secret!

Say “cake tasting” and you’d most likely think of wedding planning or some other grand event, right? But what if the cake sampling is the event? That’s right a Cake Tasting Party! Imagine having a boxed cake sampler selection delivered right to your home. So you’ve got a ready-made celebration right there!

The occasion could be anything—from a simple family birthday to an intimate baby shower to a cozy housewarming. Or no occasion at all! Just gathering with family or your besties to enjoy scrumptious sweet treats, with a little coffee bar set up on the side to serve from. What are you waiting for? Let the cake tasting party begin! (*this post contains an affiliate link)

It All Begins with a Cake Sampler Box

That’s it! That’s the secret. Instead of baking or buying several different whole cakes, you simply order one (or more) cake-slice selections all boxed up for delivery to you. We’ve made some pretty delish discoveries below to show you what’s possible. So once you find these in your area, you can just order, then open up the box…and enjoy! How to plan a fun cake tasting party

One fabulous find is The Cake Tasting Club by the UK subscription box service called Crate Joy. The contents change monthly, as in their holiday-inspired selection (1) and their tea-time treats (2). But no worries! We found equally enticing choices closer to home.

There’s the classically elegant Assorted Layer Cake Sampler (3) from Williams-Sonoma. It’s a “full cake” assembled from 4 lovely frosted quarters of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and caramel layer cakes.

There’s also the Classic Cake Sampler (4) of Bake Me a Wish, featuring a Chocolate Mousse Cake, a Carrot Cake, a Cookies and Cream Cake, and a Double Fudge Crunch Cake—all delivered in a festive gift box!

Gold Belly offers a tempting Mini Cakes Gift Box (5), which allows you to choose your own 9-pack of miniature cakes from an amazing selection of all-time favorites.

For more hearty helpings, consider Wolferman’s Loaf Cake Sampler (6). Sure to bring a home-baked feel to your gathering, the sampler includes four loaf cakes in chocolate swirl, cranberry orange, lemon raspberry, and apple streusel flavors.

For our British friends, another UK-based option here (too lovely not to share). The Vanilla Pod Bakery has its Large Cake Tasting Boxes (7), each containing your choice of eight signature Vanilla Pod Bakery cakes with two tea sachets.

Finally, for cute and handy serving, check out Kayla’s Cake in a Jar Premium Assorted Gift Baskets (8) (available on Amazon). It offers four flavors in each box—Vanilla Sponge Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Red Velvet Cake.

YUM!!! How easy can party planning get with these boxed cake samplers all ready to serve!