Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Picnic: Decor + Menu Tips

How perfect is it that Mother’s Day is within the lovely month of May? The mid-spring weather is ideal for an outdoor celebration. So why not surprise Mom with the sweetest tea party picnic! Nature provides the setting. You just need to bring along those delightful tea party decor touches, plus of course classic tea party treats and drinks. And we’ve got lots of inspiration and ideas for you right here. So read on! We love you, Mom!

Decor Tips for Setting a Lovely Scene

Since picnics are outdoor affairs, the secret is to make the most of the natural surroundings while adding creative tea party decor and serving elements. We point out what caught our eye in these 5 charming tea picnic posts that you can use as decorating tips, too!

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Picnic Decorations Set Up

Tip #1 – Choose a distinct color palette

From a spring picnic by La Crema

Key elements: Palette of blue tones set by the napkins and throw pillows, plus wicker chargers, a fresh flower centerpiece, and flower napkin “ties”

Bonus tip: Instead of a blanket spread out flat on the grass, use a small table for some height.

Tip #2 – Blend rustic and romantic

From an azalea tea party picnic by Julia Berolzheimer

Key elements: Vintage crockery, wooden crates, baskets holding bunches of wildflowers, fruit baskets filled with berries–all set amidst a park abloom with azaleas 

Bonus tip: Use the natural surroundings as a ready-made backdrop

Tip #3 – Keep it simple

From an afternoon tea picnic spread by The Diary of a Debutante

Key elements: Blue-and-white striped picnic blanket, classic picnic basket, basket-style serving tray, wooden crate, long-stemmed roses in vases

Bonus tip: Choose a picnic blanket that is water-resistant, just in case the grass is damp and for those surprise spills while picnicking.

Tip #4 – Hire fancy high tea details

From high tea picnics by Dial-a-Picnic

Key elements: Tea party treats in covered cake stands and biscuit tins, bunting of floral-fabric pennants, and the prettiest touch of all, a lace parasol!

Bonus tip: Rent this type of picnic package, that provides instant decor and a tea picnic menu, from a supplier near you.

Tip #5 – Make it multi-level

From a high tea picnic by Baking Makes Things Better

Key elements: Portable pieces of furniture (a small table and bookshelf), a daintily embroidered tablecloth, vintage cake stands and platters, a classic hinged-lid picnic basket

Bonus tip: String lightweight bunting over the picnic area, like these honeycomb paper balls, for a sweet festive look.

Tea Picnic Menu Ideas

Easy to pack, transport, and serve! Those are musts for any picnic fare. But for this special celebration with Mom, the menu has got to include some classic tea party treats. Ideas below!

Scones, of course! Take ideas from this scrumptious Tea Cosy Picnic Pack (6) featured on Not Quite Nigella. There’s surely a bakery or pastry shop near you where you can order some. 

Dainty finger sandwiches like these in the Classic Afternoon Tea Picnic (7) offered by Little Picnic Company UK—cucumber and cream cheese, salmon, egg mayo, and roast beef. Paired with savory and sweet goodies, and bottled lemonade.

A whole array of menu ideas from How to Pack a Tea Party Picnic (8) by La Fuji Mama that are easy to prepare or buy, and bring along! Scones, cinnamon rolls, and muffins along with spreads like jams and cheeses plus cured meats, fresh fruits, berries, and nuts. Plus perfect-for-Mom rosé lemonade!

Ready-made Options

Easiest of all, go for ready-to-serve picnic food packages, like these handy ones available on Amazon. This spares you the hassle of deciding what to tote along, since it’s all pre-chosen for you!

Ready-made food for a picnic

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